Two Peoples, One Roof

Since the conception of this ideal, ‘America,’ our leaders remain vigorously separate on ideologies, so basic – even a 5-year-old could discern as to rather a public official made a good choice or a selfish one. The continuity on differences in our fundamental principles; inclusiveness, collectivism, and theology -ought to have been the red flag overtly warning America’s Framers that the colonies should be two nations, as opposed to one, but allies against its adversaries.

Needless-to-say, the North, and the South amalgamated into one union – the United States of America – despite exemplifying, on more than one occasion, that there was and remains two different groups of people, with entirely opposing ideas on governance and interpretation.

Dissolutions in understandings of who should be entitled to property, liberty, and suffrage have left the North ready to divorce the South nearly every election. Moreover, their political ambiguity makes for a tumultuous period when campaign season rolls around.

During our nation’s earlier years, it was an executive ordered, that brought the Union to its knees. The institution of slavery remained the splitter of immorality stuck in the bosom of our Lady Liberty, and it was, then, about time for it to come out naturally or by force. Hence, upon the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation chaos erupted in Washington. Shortly after, the argument was personhood, as to rather the newly manumitted would count as citizens with certain inalienable rights or not even human, was the debate in our nation’s capitol.

Differences in ideologies have left this Union vulnerable to implosion. First, racism poured into the very foundation of the American social structure. Next, classism, another monster controlled and held in the hands and, today, continues to dwell in the stars of meritocracy. Lastly, sexism embedded within the pillars of our democracy forced half of America to be domestically silent against violence and voiceless politically until just last century. How long can Lady Liberty last? Is she at the end of her life? Perhaps.


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