​What is ‘Make America Great Again’ really ‘about?’

A considerable quantity of America views the cultural loss of ‘White Greatness’ as a real threat. Fears of Shari Law ‘fornicating’ the U.S. Constitution, the unconscious continuity of Their Children amalgamating in Black cultural appropriations, all followed-up by a higher birthrate of Black and Brown children to Their own – White America and the rest of the Western White World is in protective mode.

‘Make America Great Again’ continues to be the distinctive rallying cry for the now jubilated Republican Party. And now the infamous slogan, coined by then-Presidential-candidate Donald J. Trump, has evolved into a gathering call for Western Civilization to return to its Era of White Supremacy and Cultural Domination.

White Lash certainly seems to be in full swing these days. No one could have ever predicted that the repercussions from electing America’s first Black President, Barrack H. Obama, would have had such a devastating blow to the progression of Western democracy. Now, white Americans can care less about whose elected as the leader as long as their newly elected officials place their interest before minorities and foreigners; hence, ‘Make America First Again’ was the second banner Trump used at his campaign rallies.

Sadly, for the majority of minority perspectives, when America was so-called ‘Great’ and or so-called ‘First’ minorities toiled and travailed through Jim Crow, internment camps, and prison industrial institution that continues – to-this-day – to harbors 25% of the world’s prison population.

White America I have few brave and honest questions for you – that is: Do you believe America can be great ‘again?’ I want to place the emphases on ‘again.’ At what point do you think America was at its greatest? How do you feel about America’s greatness in correlation with the America’s slavery era, Jim Crow, Asian internment camps, and mass incarceration?

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