Greenwood (North Tulsa)

A Room Fit for a Princess in North Tulsa

EduRec Tulsa, a family fun and educational center located in North Tulsa, has a new Princess Room. The room was inspired by First Lady Joyce Cooper of World Won Christ Ministries. Mrs. Cooper believes every little girl and woman deserves the right to look, feel, and be treated like a princess.

img_6172When you first walk into EduRec’s Princess Room, you instantly feel the love in the craftsmanship that went into making such a magical, secret place. Suspended from the ceilings are pink lit chandeliers, suiting North Tulsa’s young royalty. Pink crowns are mounted on the walls as a symbol to remind each individual that they belong to greatness. The room also has three vanities and a dressing room full of gowns, which allow a young girl’s imagination to fathom that she can become Tiana, Disney’s first (as of yet only) animated black princess from The Princess and the Frog (Clements and Musker 2009). The most impressive decorations in the Princess Room are the detailed murals that would leave Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci in wonder.


During the room’s initial constructing stages, the colors were purple and green, but Mrs. Cooper decided after seeing the colors on the wall that they weren’t a good fit for a princesses room. “I just didn’t think the colors worked well together, so we had someone come in and do it, and now it’s perfect,” Mrs. Cooper stated.

The entire room was designed by father-daughter duo Kristin Davis and Wayne Bass of Murals and Foam Sculpting, which donated their services. Another volunteer from Asbury United Methodist Church donated the cabinetry and princesses’ gowns. The Princess Room is still in need of royal chairs, royal china, and hopefully a carriage, which would be the icing on the cake for North Tulsa’s newest treat.

Soon after seeing the completed first design Mrs. Cooper decided that pink and bright green (coincidentally the same colors of the Black, Greek Sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc.) a fact that Mrs. Cooper said she was unaware of. Regardless, the colors and wall art blend beautifully.

When Cooper’s husband, Pastor Melvin F. Cooper, was inspired to build the youth center, Mrs. Cooper told her husband that there must be a room designated for Tulsa princesses. They both believed in the project. With their church’s supportive prayers, North Tulsa received a blessing when EduRec was born. The center opened on March 30, 2013, at 5424 N. Madison Ave., Tulsa, Okla., in what used to be the Wiley Post Elementary School.


At the end of this month on the 30th, EduRec will celebrate its 4-year anniversary. And what progress the center has made in only four years! It only started off with 5 students, and four years later the center encounters hundreds of students from all across the Tulsa metropolitan area – talk about positive growth!

The room is available for birthday rentals with the proceeds benefitting EduRec Tulsa. For more information about the Princess Room and EduRec or to make a donation visit