Greenwood (North Tulsa)

North Tulsa: When is Enough, Enough?



by Charity Marcus
CEO & Chief Consultant of Avenue Consulting

Are you not tired, yet? I have only been truly involved in the community for five years and I’m tired.

So if I am tired, I must ask you, when is enough, enough? When will you have had enough of your elected officials leaving you out of economic and social development? When will you have had enough of these so-called, self-proclaimed community leaders selling you out? When will you decide enough is enough and stand up against those in your community only acting in their own self-interest?

We have all sat and watched North Tulsa and the Historic Greenwood District get left behind, to the point now that our Mayor and our entire city is scrambling to “fix” North Tulsa in time for the Centennial Commemoration of the 1921 Race Riot. Let’s face it, the current state of North Tulsa and the Historic Greenwood District have been reduced to political talking points that are nothing more than empty words and broken promises of economic revitalization and a new Black Wall Street. For years, the community’s elected officials have been sat in their offices getting fat while the community is stripped of resources and lays starving in the streets. And so we find ourselves today, once again, in the same place we’ve been for years. The community fat-cat leaders are shoving their gristle of Dollar Stores and crumbs of a mauled Greenwood Chamber down the community’s throat, while the last piece of the heart of the Historic Greenwood District was quietly consumed. I ask you again, is this enough?

I am telling you now, enough is enough. It is time for the community to start standing up against the self-destructive within the community. It is time to let these community fat cats know that their time is up. We will no longer tolerate them getting fat by stealing from our plates. We will no longer tolerate their haughty posture on the Tulsa Boards and Authorities. We will no longer allow them to silence our voices by speaking on our behalf. We will no longer allow them to run the Greenwood Chamber in the ground. Most crucially, we will no longer allow them to continue this cycle of self-destruction on our wounded and dilapidated community. Yes, the time of their shooting up the community with false hope and lies is over. Our streets must be rehabilitated by detoxing from the political drug lords, and the community fat cats must be neutered and put back in their cages.

A new generation is here and we will not tolerate the lies, the political pandering, and the incompetence. This generation that has been pushed aside.  Will no longer abide the directives of “wait your turn” and “it’s not your time.” It is our time. Time to tell the city, the county, businesses, and organizations that we do not want these people representing the community because they do not represent the community. It is time to let these institutions hear directly from the community. Break the shell, take back your voice, and let them know their time is up.

You are officially put on notice….. We’ve had enough!