Month: October 2017

Free or False?

By Atlas Agbaara  “Now, then, in order to understand white supremacy, we must dismiss the fallacious notion that white people can give anybody their freedom.” Stokely Carmichael. Since the beginning of American […]



It seems hopeless to fight for anything in North Tulsa since we are always pushed, looked over and stepped upon. However, there is something very powerful that we can do as a community and that is to BOYCOTT. Do not shop at that Dollar General. Continue to shop at the stores you normally patronize. Dollar General refused to hear us, and so we will choose to ignore them and shut them down by not spending our money there.

Sheriff Scott Walton, Woe unto them that call evil good…

Dear, Sheriff Scott Walton, of Roger’s County Oklahoma,

Am I sure you have heard of Robert Edward Lee? I am for certain!

And it is self-evident, Oklahomans believe Lee is such a great and esteemed personage that they dedicated a school to honor his life, right, in the heart of the city of Tulsa on September 16, 1918. 

I am confident that you are well aware that Lee wasn’t a patriot of the United States of America but was, in fact, a traitor, a Benedict Arnold. He was a self-proclaimed rebel who committed the worst crime against his, own, nation and who now represents a shameful and disgraceful past to the very breath of the soul for what our living U.S. Constitution is founded upon – Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for all. 

You see, Lee was born one-hundred years before Oklahoma’s territory became a state. At this time, our country was young and filled with immoral, immature, and inconsistent ideologies. During this era, racism and white supremacy pervaded and reverberated in the very heartbeat of our democracy.

Then, when God’s enlightenment began to resonate out of the voices of abolitionist, echoes of reason and logic became the light and liberty of this Union. 

However, rejecting the light as Satan did himself, Robert and his white, predominately male, demon-ridden thugs decided to remain in the darkness.

How this White Boy Got ‘​Woke.’

I became aware that race is a factor in a lot of issues America faces today. I started to understand. My heart was willing to accept that the normality I’ve grown accustomed to as a white person, is not the same reality POC experience. When I see some white people discuss race, they never have an open mind or heart about the subject. White America has been drinking the same sweet tea for almost 200 years; sure America offers POC sweet tea, but white people get pure sugar in theirs, while POC are stuck with “Sweet’ n ’Low” or some other cheap imitation of sweet America.

Public and Charters Schools Fight Over Crumbs

Charter schools are public schools. They are an alternative attempt at leveling the playing field and curbing the school-to-prison pipeline, a pipeline that seemingly counts the number of students who can’t read by grade three and simultaneously projects the number of beds and prison space that must be built to accommodate the superficially educated.