The Black Wall Street Times’ Book Club Contest! Your chance to win tickets to Tavis Smiley’s play, “Death of A King.”

by The Black Wall Street Times


Photo: Earl E. Gibson/The Smiley Group

What’s Happening?

We are excited to announce an excellent opportunity for our readers to not only win tickets to Tavis Smiley’s stage play, “Death of A King,” on February 8, 2018,  but to become more knowledgeable about the life of Dr. King, the life of King that you don’t know. As Tavis Smiley’s byline says, “The man you know, the story you don’t.”

What’s the Catch?

You have to start a book club!

That’s right!

  1. Get some friends and family together to form your own book club: (no more than 7 people per group),
  2. Create a name for your book club.
  3. Select a spokesperson for your book club and you will all read and discuss Tavis Smiley’s book, “Death of A King.”

The book has 25 chapters so we would suggest reading 2-3 chapters per week.

Book clubs should meet once per week starting Sunday, December 10, 2018, until Saturday, February 3, 2018.

The Black Wall Street Times will have a Facebook Live Book Club Chat on Saturdays every other week.


How to win!

  1. Tag the Black Wall Street Times as well as use the hastag #blackwallsttimes in your photos and videos discussing the book, that will earn your book club 5 points. 
  2. If you share the Black Wall Street Times’ Facebook page, you will earn 5 points.
  3. When you share the Tavis Smiley article/interview titled, “Tavis Smiley, author and talk show host, brings untold story of Dr. King,” with the Black Wall Street Times, tag it with #918Deathofaking and you will earn 3 points. 
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Note* You can only share the page and article twice per day.

You can earn extra points by participating with the Black Wall Street Times’ Facebook live book club chats about excerpts and chapters from the book along with answering pop questions related to the book’s motif.

What will you win!

The book club with the most points and participation will win tickets to the show, your books autographed and pictures taken with Tavis Smiley!


How do I sign up?

  • Submit your book club’s name,
  • book club’s spokesperson,
  • email address and a photo of your book club to the Black Wall Street Times’ Facebook Page message inbox by December 8th! No exceptions!

You will receive a confirmation back from us letting you know that you have entered in the contest along with more information concerning dates and times for the Black Wall Street Times’ live video book club chats.

GOOD LUCK, Black Wall Street! 






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