Senate Pro Tem Greg Treat commends governor’s move to increase oversight of state agencies’ pursuit of federal money

by The Black Wall Street Times


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Published 09/26/2019 | Reading Time 1 min 0 sec 

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — Senate President Pro Tempore Greg Treat commended the governor’s move to increase oversight of state agencies’ pursuit of federal grant money.

The governor on Tuesday issued an executive order that according to the Governor’s Office “requires state agencies, boards or commissions to first submit any grant application for review to the office of the Governor and for approval by the Secretary of Budget before the agency’s final submission to the funding source.”

Treat previously sponsored legislation establishing an office to track federal grant money at the state level, but the bill was vetoed during the previous administration.

“This is a bold and exciting move from Governor Stitt that will increase accountability and transparency of the entirety of all state agency budgets,” said Treat, R-Oklahoma City.

“Federal dollars make up a significant portion of the funds spent by state agencies. And many state agencies are not accountable to the governor, the Legislature, or the people so there’s not enough oversight in their pursuit of federal money.”

“It has been far too common in the past for an agency to apply and receive a federal grant, expand services beyond their core mission, then come to the Legislature to fund that programming when federal money is cut off. Having a centralized source in the governor’s office will help end that bad practice. It also gives Oklahomans a better sense of accountability in how agencies seek federal funds and for what purposes.”

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