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A school district in central Michigan is in hot water after two White staff members secretly butchered the hair of a biracial first grader. Jimmy Hoffmeyer was shocked to see his seven-year-old daughter walk through the door on March 26. His daughter’s curly hair was chopped within inches of her scalp; the work of women who clearly didn’t have the first idea of how to care for the hair of a Black child.

It was just two days after the Hoffmeyer family had to deal with an unfortunate haircutting incident on the school bus. On March 24, Jurnee Hoffmeyer was on the bus heading home from Ganiard Elementary School in Mount Pleasant, Mich. when a classmate cut her hair. Jurnee’s long curly hair was cut several inches on one side to around shoulder length. When she got home that day, her family was stunned to see what had happened. But Jurnee’s father took her straight to the salon and let her choose a new look.

School staff cuts child’s hair without father’s permission

“I know how today’s society is,” Hoffmeyer said. “I wasn’t going to let my little girl go to school with half of her hair cut off.” Jurnee was upset, but she felt good about being able to choose a new style. Hoffmeyer reached out to the school administration and transportation offices to figure out what happened. He was upset but simply asked that the child not be allowed to sit next to his daughter again.

Two days later, Jurnee walked in crying. Hoffmeyer, clearly shaken, discussed the look on his daughters face that day. “I don’t think there are words to express how I felt in that moment,” Hoffmeyer said. “I asked if the girl on the bus had cut her hair again, and she said, ‘no. My library teacher cut my hair.’ I couldn’t believe it. I jumped in the car to go to the school but realized it was spring break. I couldn’t get ahold of anyone, so I called the cops.” The library teacher, listed as a media specialist on the school’s website, is Kelly Mogg.

hair cut
Jurnee Hoffmeyer after White school staff cut her hair without parental permission. (Provided)

Hoffmeyer emailed Jurnee’s teacher, Kristen Jacobs, to let her know he was filing a police report. Minutes later, he said, the principal’s secretary called him. He recalled the secretary saying she was in “utter disbelief.” But the principal would not be available to talk to him until after spring break – a week later.

Father demands justice

Finally, spring break ended and Hoffmeyer got a call from Ganiard Principal Marcy Stout. “She apologized and said she didn’t know why they would do that,” Hoffmeyer said. “I asked what was going to be done about it and she said they would probably get a mark in their progress folder or something. And that any further actions would need to go through the superintendent. So, I told her I want the superintendent to call me.” Mount Pleasant Public Schools superintendent is Jennifer Verleger.

Hoffmeyer wanted his daughter out of the school and away from the staff who hurt his daughter. “It’s been insulting. The superintendent called and sounded very insincere and short. She asked if it would make us feel better if she had the teachers send ‘I’m sorry’ cards in the mail,” Hoffmeyer said.

Between the principal, superintendent and teachers, the microaggressions kept coming. “The principal tried to convince us to keep her in the school. She said Jurnee would be safe there and offered to follow her around to make sure nothing happened to her,” said Hoffmeyer. “How is the solution to punish my kid?”

National Parents Union joins the fight

Hoffmeyer continues to face stonewalling from the Mount Pleasant School District. He’s requested to see footage from the bus incident. He was told administrators had viewed it and there was really nothing for him to see. The “we know best” attitude towards this Black father mirrors the paternalistic White supremacy displayed by the staff who cut Jurnee’s hair.

Through the experience, the Hoffmeyer family hasn’t found any allies in the district. But once Jurnee’s story reached the National Parents Union, they leaned all the way in to help get #JusticeForJurnee. In a recent statement, NPU Director of Policy and Legislation said “No child should have to experience this type of humiliating ordeal because of their hair texture, style, or type! The adults entrusted with her learning crossed the line, didn’t protect her, and had no desire to be accountable for their actions.” NPU is currently seeking a civil rights attorney for the Hoffmeyer family. They have sent formal requests to the district for evidence from the incident.

In the meantime, Jurnee has switched schools and started going to counseling. “We’ve had to take her to the doctor because she hasn’t been eating. She’s having trouble sleeping now and always wants to be with us. All of this because her hair didn’t look how they thought it should, wasn’t done to their standards. If you look at pictures of her before this happened, you can just see her spark and her energy. Now it’s like it’s just gone.”

hair cut
Jurnee Hoffmeyer, before White school staff cut her hair without parental permission. (Provided)

Anti-discrimination legislation

NPU is calling on Michigan lawmakers to enact the CROWN Act to protect students from this type of racial discrimination.

According to an update from CNN, the Mount Pleasant School District chose not to fire the employee in a lengthy statement which read in part, “As a result of the district’s investigation, the employee who cut the student’s hair will be placed on a “last chance” agreement during which time any future violations will likely result in termination.”

However, the family says they weren’t contacted during any part of the investigation. The family is currently pursuing a state investigation with the Michigan Department of Civil Rights.

We cannot discuss the particulars of a complaint while it remains under investigation,” said Vicki Levengood, communications director for the department. “We can say, however, that our Community Engagement Director will be in contact with the school administration again this week to assess the situation and to assist with training and educational opportunities that we believe may help prevent an incident of this type from occurring in the future.”

The family is also trying to push for more legislation, such as the CROWN Act, that makes it illegal to discriminate based on hair, according to CNN.
“No child should be receiving a haircut at school,” she said. “This has been humiliating to her family, and this is a young girl who is developing and is going to have a lifelong impact. They are not seeing the harm. They are protecting adults, not children,” said Christina Laster, the director of policy and legislation for the National Parents Union and a representative and advocate for the family.

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  1. Her hair was beautiful, and there was NO EXCUSE for any staff member to touch that child’s hair. My husband is a teacher and if he knew of a fellow staff member who cut a student’s hair without parental permission that person would have to be put into witness protection to be safe from him. Knowing what I know about the quality of teachers and staff in the US I’m not surprised these women crossed the line. I know things about teachers and principals that would send you through the roof, but because teachers are paid a pittance, and we bleed good teachers everyday because of a variety of issues(especially incompetent principals and APs who get promoted out of loyalty instead of ability or passion for education), what we get are the leftovers. Education is broken for low income kids. Doubly so for minority students. The hardest part of my husband’s job is being helpless to do anything about the overall laziness, carelessness and callousness of his colleagues and superiors, because it’s so widespread. What really sucks is that he gets singled out and punished by his boss for advocating for his students and their families. He was actually scolded for trying to help kids during the pandemic because his dedication was raising expectations for the other teachers and they were pissed off to be asked to do their damn jobs, which is helping children learn! These women need to be fired, fined, and prosecuted, not to mention never being allowed to work around children again. In my opinion we have a lot of people working in public education who shouldn’t be allowed to work with children.

    1. Ms. Andries, how do you come to the conclusion that there was “no excuse for any staff member to touch that child’s hair” as I didn’t see any reference in the article as to why they did what they did?

      1. Because there is no excuse other than a life-threatening situation where her hair was caught in some machinery that was going to kill her. I don’t care if there is gum in it, lice in it, somebody’s zipper or necklace or hand tangled up in it – you call the parent before you cut a child’s hair off unless they are in imminent danger of death or serious injury. And I work in preschools, I’ve seen a few hair siutations.

      2. It’s so absurd for a teacher to cut a child hair, there must be justice for this

      3. A babysitter once cut my daughter’s hair. I nearly lost my mind.. you never cut a child’s hair who is not yours. Her hair was beautiful. My heart hurts for her. It’s assault she (teacher) should be charge with. I’m sorry this happened to you.

      4. I’d love to know the teacher’s reasoning. I cant think of one that would be acceptable except for a need to remove the child from immediate harm.

        Also concerning to me is the focus on race here. Its getting exhausting. While racial injustice is real, I also feel it’s being “overused” by the media…’re just diminishing the true meaning of racial injustice. What was done was wrong but its equally wrong to keep using the race card without any true journalistic reporting. We want to know WHY the teachers did this.

        As a parent I would be PISSED!!! How traumatizing!!!

      5. Mr. Harold Pumford.. The questions that should be asked isn’t how Ms. Andries came to said conclusion, they are & should be “did any Teacher or School Official get “Parental Consent” in any circumstance that would lead to butchering this child’s hair? Especially to this horrific degree. What could/would be the best acceptable “Excuse(s)” that YOU would Accept for them to mutilate this/any or even YOUR child’s hair WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION, especially after the bus incident?? Where did they do this? Whom all was present? When did they have the time to do this without at least any other children being present? Why didn’t Jurnee’s Teacher question the Library/Media Teacher to this atrocity & why hadn’t she immediately gone to school officials and show/report this? Again… did they have Parental Consent?

        Ok let’s say there’s an Excuse…Even if there’s ANY ( I am personally & extremely doubtful there’s any) “good Excuse”, Nobody is to touch a child that could cause mental/physical harm, mutilation to another human being that causes appearance changes, deliberately avoid responsibility for their own actions, and they’re especially are NOT allowed in any facet to do, take, nor give out severe reprimand to ANY child WITHOUT A PARENTS WRITTEN OR RECORDED VERBAL PERMISSION FOR LEGALITIES.
        I’m not saying this is a “reprimand” either, This is a damn shaming by Public School Officials and all involved should let this little girl give them a personal haircut during school hours. Then the Teacher(s) involved should be terminated without pay, Principal should be minimally Suspended without pay, & Superintendent should be Terminated without pay as well for not doing Due diligence in investigating the happenings back to the initial bus ride & to this incident, & then for not taking appropriate actions to rectify this matter & show compassion for this child. Nobody protected this child from the bs she is enduring now. Her parents are her voice & make decisions for her safety & well being.
        But hey, guess what… the Superintendent did off to have the Teachers send “I’M SORRY CARDS”. WTF is that going to do? Let’s add an insult to injury.

      6. That is the worst thing they could do.What gives them that right. I think they should be fired and their heads shaved. The way the world is today things are so scary and then you add stupid!

      7. The scissor-happy teacher needs to be more than “sorry.” She needs to submit to having her own hair re-styled by the student she abused.

      8. Absent an immediate threat of death or serious injury;There is ZERO reason to cut a child’s hair WithOut the Explicit permission of parents.
        This is absolutely an assault. I would be seeking charges against these callous, heartless, bigoted women- who should have known how it would feel to a little girl to have her hair cut not once but twice without Her or her Parents permission.
        There is no reasonable justification. Other than a callous disregard for this child’s feels & autonomy!!
        This was a purely bigoted & morally evil act on behalf of all who traumatized this poor young girl.

      9. What this so called Teacher/Educator , did to this child is morally wrong and she knows it and the principal , Superintendent-did nothing about it is wrong I agree that they should be fired with out pay and that teacher be prosecuted and charged with assault of a minor and her teaching licensed taken away so she NEVER hurts a child again.

      10. Mr. Pumford, what would be an acceptable reason for someone to cut your child’s hair? Add to that, this child’s hair had already been cut, and it was an ‘incident’, giving credence to the idea that the parents wouldn’t choose to cut this child’s hair. What child should have his or her appearance altered by a school teacher? Why should the family need to justify NOT cutting the child’s hair? Why should this family be the ones to need to explain or rationalize?

    2. That was outrageous. The teacher had NO RIGHT whatsoever to cut that child’s hair. The justice would be for the teacher to have her hair cropped in EXACTLY THE SAME WAY. How can anyone be that cruel and uncaring of a child.

  2. This is so sad and disgusting. These teachers need to be fired and never to be allowed to work with kids. Who the hell do they think they are to decide about this beautiful child’s hair without even contacting the parents. The fact that all the way up in the list of administrators that nothing has been done. I hope they find a lawyer for this little girl and that those teachers get what they deserve.I hope this little girl recovers from this horrible action by someone who was supposed to be protecting her, and learns that not all people are bad, these teachers are just ignorant and evil.

    1. Ms. Ivaz, how do you come to the conclusion that the teachers need to be fired as I didn’t see any reference in the article as to why they did what they did? Are you not interested in the “why”?

      1. There is no justification for what the teachers did. They should be charged with assault on the child and any other charge applicable under that state’s laws.

      2. Harold Pumford, you are nothing but a troll who likes to instigate arguments. I bet your family and friends just love to be around you.????????????????

      3. Harry, there is no “why” needed. They cannot touch a child unless that child is threatening to harm themselves or another or the teacher acts in self defense. What they did is assault and battery, plain and simple. Legally, morally.

      4. Actually I would love to know “why.” Why would these women think it is their responsibility to cut this child’s hair? Why did they believe the child’s hair was not to their standard? Why did they think their opinion usurped her parents? Why would the principal offer to follow her around but only give the teachers a reprimand? Why haven’t they been arrested? These are the “whys” I would like to know.

    2. I fully agree with the teachers needing to be fired!
      This beautiful little girl should not have to go through counseling at her age. This incident will be with her always. Shame on this school, shame on the teachers! Shame on the bus driver.
      Teachers need to be fired if they are not doing a good job. My heart goes out this young child and her family.

  3. This is a assault done to this child, and the person that cut her hair should be charge .

  4. Some one or a bunch of someone’s should get a hold of those teachers and cut gobs of hair to the scalp. Make the teachers shave all their own hair off and have to parede in public with a sign saying what they did to a child. And let others know what to expect if something like this ever happens again

  5. This is just WRONG!! Who gave either of these people permission to put their hands on this child of God? I certainly hope the school community steps up and supports this family! What were you people thinking?

  6. I think a nice response would be to let the child give the teachers a hair cut and they could choose to wear it for the next year or be fired. Maybe they would think twice before doing something like this to traumatize a beautiful child.

    1. Wouldn’t want the child to have to interact with the teacher again. Best to require the teacher to get the same haircut she gave the child. I taught for 28 years. My daughter gave herself a haircut to look like Ashley and Mary Kate. It was very choppy but she liked it and wore it for a few days before asking to go get it cut. I would never want to have her feel her hair was that important or that she is ultimately not in charge of her hair which is a part of her body.

  7. They would not want to deal with my husband or myself. We are not stupid enough to take things into our hands. You can bet there would a police report and a law suit against the school and the teachers. No one one would cut my child’s hair without my permission. Whether it be straight or curly. It is not their right to decide how my child wears their hair.

  8. These people at the school are nuts!! I work at an elementary school, and we deal with some crazy parents, but never would anyone even think of doing something so stupid. Shame on the principal and superintendent for not immediately firing this teacher.

  9. That is so wrong to do that to a beautiful child.They should be fired and not ever be able to teach anywhere ????????

  10. No teacher or school authority should ever lay a hand on a child for any reason, and most certainly not to cut off hair. A note of reprimand in a school folder will do nothing. The teacher should have to take mandatory counseling, lose pay, be suspended — and though it won’t happen, I’d like for him/her to have an undesired haircut to see what he/she did to a powerless child. Any adult who harms a child in this way does not deserve a job.

  11. I taught for 38 years. This was an assault, and both “teachers” should be:
    1. Charged,
    2. Sued,
    3. Fired, and
    4. Have their teaching licenses revoked, permanently.

    The district should also be sued for:
    1. Not protecting the child,
    2. Not thoroughly investigating the bus incident and the teachers’ assault, and
    3. Not firing those sorry excuses for a teacher.

    1. my husband also taught for over 35 years and says this would be charged as Assault and Battery and the district should be sued.

  12. Where was the call from the school to the parents of what happened on the bus??? Where was the call from the library teacher to her parents to ask why her hair was the way it was when she returned to school??? If those 2 questions had been asked, this little girl and her parents would not have had to endure what is upon them now, physically, socially, and mentally. WTH is wrong with people? It’s a sad sad world we live in, and this is a great moment for parents to embolden yourselves and your children. Have open, honest and positive communication with them according to their age so they understand. Live to be strong, speak up, don’t be afraid, do not let anything bring you down, no matter what. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!!! Keep the strength mom and dad as she cannot on her own only at such a young age. Just keep assuring her she is a beautiful girl no matter what, because she is. I’m praying for your family and most of her.

    1. There was no reason for a call from the library teacher to the parents; that child’s hair was FINE however her parents sent her. The library teacher needs to have absolutely any input on the girls hair. She should have kept her mouth shut and her hands to herself. It was up to the parents, the bus driver and the administration to discuss what happened on the bus. What the teacher did was assault and battery. The bus incident was assault and what the hell was the driver doing why the kids cut her hair?

  13. The author (also an Oklahoman and tribal member with my wife, along with editor should be ashamed of themselves for providing such a poorly researched article. And especially for not knowing when publishing something on Friday, April 16 that April 18 is not a Monday.

    1. Omg here you go again! Watch out everybody we got a keyboard warrior in the house! Your very offended by everyone holy smokes. Seems like you have no compassion for the little girl in this situation with all your comments. The facts in this article are very accurate so what are you talking about?!?!

      1. I can only assume you do not have children, or you would understand the cutting should never have happened.

    2. Mr. Pumford would you want to be called before someone cut your child’s hair? I understand that the author didn’t list a reason the staff cut the child’s hair, but the fact is they cut it without the parent’s permission and the school administrators don’t care. I pray that this child heals.

    3. The teachers “why” doesn’t count. She was not their child. They didn’t get permission from the father and they are not God. There is not a why that would make any of that legal or moral.

    4. Oh Harry! Are you a lawyer? I’m gonna go out on a limb and say hell no you aren’t! The meer thought that teachers can take into their own hands to cut a child’s hair without permission (or a license) is absolutely assault! You sir ( and I use that term very loosely) are an asshat!!

  14. What a beautiful little girl! All those involved from the bus incident all the way up to the superintendent of the schools (and higher if they ignore this) should be fired, charged, prosecuted, and receive the harshest of sentences.

    This was absolutely child abuse… physical, mental, emotional, likely verbal abuse as well. No telling what that child was told or heard in the midst of the abuse as well that could cause distress and damage beyond the cutting of her hair. Did one have to hold her down or hold her still… if so, that’s a whole other set of charges. Every charge should be 1st degree felonies without being allowed to plea bargain. No slaps on the wrist or warnings.

    How many other children have these people abused that haven’t been handled, been ignored, the child(ren) too traumatized and scared to say anything after threatened, etc.? I can pretty much guarantee that it’s been many children in the past.

    There should be a form of the scarlet letter permanently and visibly branded or tattooed upon every person’s forehead or cheek who harms a child in any way. No protection for them, no hiding. Perhaps that will stop the assaults and mistreatment of children.

    I hope the child learns not all people are bad or hurtful. So tired of seeing and hearing how schools are mistreating children. It needs to stop immediately.

  15. Well I am a little crazy I would have went to that school with my scissors in hand and went to work on that teacher

  16. This is poor reporting—sensationalized to get an emotional reaction. What exactly happened? What was their justification to cut the girls hair? Where was the mom with all of this? What DID the principal and superintendent really say? (The reporter only shares the dad’s emotional reactions). Me? I don’t think cutting a student’s hair (without the parent’s permission) is ever justified. But I’ve worked in a public school system for 32 years. And I think the story is definitely missing a LOT of info and facts.

    1. As long as that child’s hair wasn’t on fire or caught in a machine that was going to either tear it out or break her neck, there is NO justification for this; you should know this if you really work in schools. This was assault and there is no reason to ask these teachers for their side of the story.

    2. The reporter DID reach out to the school, teacher, principal, and librarian, and NO ONE got back to her. Read the story all the way to the end. I don’t care if you’re the Queen of Romania, you don’t get to put your hands on someone else and cut their hair. This world has no room for cranky old men like you. I bet you’re a MAGAt, too.

    3. One thing that wasn’t said, and since they interviewed the father he would have known. They obviously did not call him after the librarian cut her hair, or before. He said she walked in crying with her hair cut again. If it had been an emergency, they should have called her parents, period, to come get her at the very least. Knowing that this was a traumatic thing for the child to go through again. She should have been sent home if it was, for some reason I can’t fathom, “necessary”. And since they are being tight lipped about the why, I’m going to assume they didn’t have a good enough reason to do what they did except the worst reasons. Sue them.

  17. Mr Pumford… you seem to have a lot of opinion/ridiculing on everything from “why’s” to how the story is written, by whom & their origins that you feel you need to point out. Guess what… we can read for ourselves. You sir, are only Trolling and can’t provide anything other than ridiculing comments or belittling of others posts or about the author/editor.
    Yes many questions could be answered but as I said in an above Reply to your question to Ms Andries… Parental Consent was not, I say again sir… “WAS NOT ASKED NOR GIVEN!!!!” So what do YOU exactly have to offer for the evidence you so want, crave, demand??? No no no! I did not ask “ what question you have or comment you may want to offer without any solicitation.” I ASKED YOU “ WHAT EVIDENCE DO YOU HAVE TO OFFER?” Maybe you can answer your own question(s) and then Inform us of your evidentiary findings. Make sure you can show proof as well. As I shall ask/demand from you what you ask/demand from everyone else regarding this story.
    I look forward to the evidence you can/will provide without hypocrisy. Question your own questions before trying to belittle another’s Opinion and their emotional venting given the information we have at hand… NO PARENTAL CONSENT!

  18. Shes a beautiful little girl. If she was my daughter somebody would loose their job because Im calling the Board of Education, the Media and Congress! They are supposed to be teaching kids. Why are they so concerned about a 7 year old girls hair?
    They took the childs DNA without the parents permission???…That’s degrading. Its Criminal and in my opinion its abusive. They should be fired, reported for child abuse and prohibited from being around children.

  19. Maybe the teacher should be executed..There are real problems in the public school system but this isn’t one of them.

    1. Maybe the teacher should explain what happened. Then, the people running the school should explain why they feel it is necessary to escort the child around the school, instead of figuring out how to stop her from being bullied by classmates and teachers.

  20. I feel so bad for this little girl. I cant begin to imagine why anyone would ever think this was ok to do to someone’s child. My own son is white, but was bullied relentlessly in school to the point of physical abuse. They taunted him, calling him gay, beat him, bit him, broke one of his teeth. The school never responded as they should have, treating us more like we were idiots for expecting a response. Local police took it slightly more seriously when I called to file assault charges but it never did much good. Like this article mentions, it does take the spark fron your child. My son at 6 years old was brilliant, driven, energetic, friendly, my son by 10 was defeated, depressed, anxious, unengaged and miserable. Now, at 21, he fights but goes thru such severe depression it is hard for him to do anything and get thru it. He still tests very high intellectually, but has a very difficult time accomplishing things. People dont realize how much damage they can do to young kids that ruins the rest of their lives. They dont always grow out of those feelings of inadequacy that someone made them feel and it is the hardest thing in the world for a parent to go thru, never knowing what is best to help them or being able to truly protect your child like you feel you should be able to. It is heartbreaking. I pray this family gets thru it in better shape than mine did.

  21. Please stop responding to this Harold clown. He’s clearly a white supremacist. I hope this family sues the entire school and files a civil suit on the teacher. Not only did she cut the child’s hair but the parents found out after their daughter arrived home. This was clearly done on purpose.

    1. They need to file criminal suits against the teacher(s) first, then civil cases.

  22. Extreme disgust does not even begin to describe my feelings toward the individual, administration, and systems that allowed this atrocity to take place! The audacity of an individual to think for even a second that they had a right to do this to this precious child is so appalling and heartbreaking. Sweet Jurnee you are still as beautiful as before and you will only rise to greater things always holding your head high. To those who violated this child, SHAME on you, may you fully realize and understand how truly wrong you were!

  23. The “library teacher” should be charged with assault and a hate crime. The rest of the staff who were involved or offered no real punishment for this “library teacher” should also be held accountable and charged criminally and civilly. I would bring this to the media outlets and NAACP and BLM and any other organization defending people of color and bring this case the coverage it needs and deserves. IF it was my child they had butchered (her hair) you better bet I would have went to the police even before going to the school officials, this is clearly a HATE crime and an assault. School spring break or not, someone would have been charged with a crime! I want to cry for this poor baby girl.

  24. My daughter is white and had hair very similar to that little girls hair. If anyone had touched it there would have been hell to pay. But we found out the hard way when the same daughter was in her elementary school gymnasium for a weekend event, and a row of improperly placed stands fell on her and damaged two front teeth, that almost nothing can be done when a public school inflicts damage to your child. Luckily we had dental insurance and have been able to have her teeth fixed.

  25. Did these two women actually think they were doing the right thing to decide they needed to go into the “hair salon” business and cut this little girl’s hair ? Whether they had all the best intentions in the world, they had no business laying a finger on this child without the consent of her parents !

    After civil justice is served, these two women need to be fired, not just for what they have done, but for their display of stupidity, and lack of common sense!

  26. All you snow flake nut jobs think a teacher should be fired for cutting hair. You even are so insane as to call this “assault”. Dear lord get a grip. Lunatics, the entire lot of you.

    1. None of us are nuts; this was legally assault and battery. Ask any teacher’s union.

      1. Common sense…you obviously have none. Or any human kindness. This “teacher” should be banned from any interaction at any children. Ever.

    2. “Common Sense”… legally, an unwarranted touching is an assault. That’s not made up, it is the law. What happens after that depends on many things… If the child is traumatized and has to see a therapist… then the cost of that should be put on the folks/institution which caused her to need help. The people running the school and school district cannot seem to be asked to understand the trauma or to explain themselves, and be proactive in resolving the matter. I bet … if they had said “Sorry!!!! We screwed up!!! that would have gone a long long way…. towards helping resolve the matter. Next big step, explaining how they would work to improve the environment of that class, and how the teachers interact with the kids. A no-brainer really…

  27. This is clearly abuse!!! Both teachers need to be charged with child abuse, especially with the fact your child is in therapy for that abuse. Discrimination is not the only indiscretion against young Miss Jurnee.

    The Department of Education needs to be notified as well. They are the bosses of the school districts, my son was discriminated against for his medical condition in Massachusetts by the school system. I spoke to the Superintendent, who stated ‘we are not discriminating against your son’ to which I responded ‘we will see about that’. Contacted the DOE, within 1/2 hour I received a callback stating ‘we want to investigate because this clearly sounds like discrimination’. In the end not only was it proven discrimination but the arrogant Superintendent had to accept and find places for 10 more students they discriminated against because they chose the wrong person to bully.

    Praying for justice for Miss Jurnee!!

  28. Reminder: Don’t feed the trolls. They are sociopaths whose only way to feel anything close to a normal emotion is to enjoy riling others. By replying, you are giving them pleasure. Ignore them, and let them remain in sad, disconnected lives.

  29. DearGod, if that was my child, I would be in jail and that teacher would be in the ICU.

  30. The family needs to demand to cut5 the teahters’ hair along with the student that cut that baby’s hair. Let the little girl do the cutting. I would have come to the school, held the teacher down and cut her hair and been willing to go to jail. Bullying from another child is one thing but from a staff member is way beyond comprehension

  31. Shocking! This was a racist white hate crime!
    Thank God I am not a parent, or I would have caught a case!
    Lawyer up! This teacher, and all who knew, and protected her are complicit, all should be fired, the haircutter should be.prosecuted and jailed, all others fined, and fired!
    These disgisting acts by racist teachers are rampent across the U.S. and in our schools!
    These teachers, administrators, and support staff have no busineess in the teaching profession or anyplace where they are in care of small, vulnerable children!
    I am beyond disgusted!
    Our Los Angeles juvenile delinquent wards were treated with more respect than this young, innocent, child was. If we had conducted ourselves with such cruelty, racist, and disrespectful behavior as this child was treated, we would have had hell to pay from our supervisors, the parents, our Internal Affair Dept., and frankly, our Dept. would have told us to lawyer up, rather than put the whole Dept. in an embarrassing, costly, uncompromising, and media exposing situation..

    Retired L.A. County Juvenile Probation Officer ll
    Esperansa M. Luna April 17, 2021

  32. I have written the Superintendent, Asst. Superintendent, and Ganiard Principal demanding answers as to why this child’s hair was cut and requesting that they share how they disciplined the teacher. I’ve requested a response within two weeks. I recommend that everyone else do the same. I also live within driving distance of this school district. I am willing to attend school board meetings until this is addressed in a manner that is satisfactory for the student’s parents.

  33. Horrible on so many levels, but when you look up the school district the website says:

    Our Mission
    Empower Excellence

    Vision Statement:
    To create an inclusive school community of engaged, inspired and empowered learners.

  34. What is the real story. Looks like one sided reporting. Something is missing / and this reporter is not fully addressed the entire scope of what happened. The story does not pass the smell test.

    1. Read the article; the school and all involved won’t respond. So this is the story

  35. So proud of the parents for protecting their daughter! Our children are so precious and to have soooo many untrustworthy, malicious, cruel, devious, cowardly people in that school system not protect a child when she needed it the most is a crime hands down. The bullies and cowards all need to go to jail for a very long time! Protect our children!

  36. This is crazy! This is criminal! They should be fired. How traumatic for this beautiful little girl. Dad is awesome. Mom and Dad give a hug on my behalf. Great that she is getting therapeutic support.Wow!!!

  37. She is beautiful. My heart hurts ???? for this girl .iam glad she has such great parent to stick up for her and others to help them as well. Just make s it harder for parents and grandparents to trust anyone with there kids .keep your head up baby girl you are beautiful and have a lot of love and support

  38. I am shocked that the school staff had the audacity to cut that little girls hair! That is outrageous!????

  39. For anyone other than the custodial parent of a child to cut a child’s hair, is totally unacceptable. Straight hair, curly hair, thin hair, thick hair–it doesn’t matter. I can’t imagine a parent who would not be absolutely furious about this. I feel so bad for the little girl. She is a cutie and can carry any hairstyle, but that isn’t the issue. I can’t imagine how victimized she felt.

  40. awww, she’s beautiful, and of course file an assault charge, but take baby girl to get box braided as long, straight, wavy or curly as she would like. Show those doofus women they didn’t stop her cuteness and her real hair will be back in no time. I hope the family gets justice.

  41. This is so heart breaking. What kind of person, much less a teacher acts in this behavior. This baby is beautiful. The said teacher had no business touching your child. You take thus to the top and get justice for this senseless Act. So disturbing. I send big hugs to Jurnee(love this beautiful name). She is beautiful and loved ??????

  42. I had to take a law class for phlebotomy, do teachers not have to know THE LAW regarding their profession?! This is, at best, battery – you cannot TOUCH someone without their permission when you are working in a professional capacity. Indeed, there are few professions where you require training and licensure to touch people – one of them is cosmetology.

  43. OMG, her hair was absolutely beautiful! She’s still a VERY Beautiful girl! Please make sure she knows that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, despite everything that’s going on! I’m appalled that people are so cruel!

  44. Please tell me this staff member was fired!! If not then the entire school staff and district is responsible.

  45. I feel for that little girl & her family. They deserve justice & what that teacher did was assault, pure & simple, & should be charged as such.

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