Bronx ex-cop’s lies could result in 500 arrests tossed out

by Ezekiel J. Walker
joseph franco
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Former NYPD Detective Joseph Franco thought he could get away with it forever… and he almost did.

Franco is now facing charges for framing hoards of innocent New Yorkers.

Police Misconduct comes in many forms

On Wednesday, Brooklyn D.A. Eric Gonzalez stated, “Knowingly and repeatedly framing innocent people obliterates the credibility of any police officer and proving perjury in such circumstances is rare.”

Gonzalez’s Conviction Review Unit asked for the dismissal of 27 felony convictions and 63 misdemeanors, all of which were based on Franco’s falsified framing of suspects.

“After a grand jury reviewed the evidence and indicted former Detective Franco, I have lost confidence in his work,” said the District Attorney. “Integrity and credibility are at the heart of the justice system and prerequisites for community trust.”

joseph franco

Bronx DA Darcel Clark said the DA’s didn’t want to toss every single case Franco was involved in.

Joseph Franco lied. New Yorkers went to jail.

In between his 20 year career on the force, specifically 2011-2015, Franco operated as an undercover narcotics detective in the Bronx. That was his official title, but unofficially he corrupted and wielded his power with absolution.

Prosecutors allege the defendant lied in official reports while later working in the same capacity in Manhattan between 2017 -2018. Franco stated he had personally witnessed numerous drug deals, a claim video evidence would later clearly refute.

Bad apples grow on bad trees.

The New York County grand jury consequently indicted Franco on 16 counts of first-degree perjury and related charges in April 2019. Months later in July, a grand jury indicted him on 10 additional counts.

By April 2021, 90 of his cases were dismissed. 

On Thursday, 133 cases were dropped.

Meanwhile, it’s projected that 500 cases could be thrown out altogether, according to Bronx County District Attorney Darcel Clark. “We did not want to dismiss or vacate out of hand all cases he was involved in, said Clark. “We investigated those that hinged on his testimony and sworn statements.”

Today Franco awaits trial after the NYPD fired him in April 2020.

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