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People of European descent once wielded Christianity to self-righteously justify the genocide of Indigenous people and the enslavement of African people. The Christo-fascist trail of blood they left became the metaphorical red ink used to sign the American Declaration of Independence.

Today, Republican leaders in Oklahoma, like their counterparts across the nation, unapologetically pass legislation and push actions that force their warped worldview on the entire population.

As a divided nation, many of us see bans on Black history, bans on abortion at any stage, the targeting of LGBTQ+ people, and state-sanctioned executions as completely separate issues that shouldn’t be lumped together. Yet there is a morbid string that ties them all together: the result of these seemingly disparate actions leave Republican leaders with blood on their hands. It’s happening right in front of us.

The lynching of Laura Nelson and her son L.D. Nelson in Okemah, Oklahoma, on May 25, 1911. Oklahoma experienced the most lynchings of any state outside the South, according to Equal Justice Initiative.

Oklahoma Republicans have blood on their hands, but they don’t care

Christo-fascist conservatives worried about their children becoming empathetic to racial injustice have banned books and stifled discussion on race in the classroom through the signing of HB 1775. Our State Superintendent of Education, using a copy and pasted playbook, continues his witch hunt on diversity, equity and inclusion.

Yet in turning the top of systemic racism into a boogeyman, they encourage real-world violence against Black people. For instance, just this month journalists in McCurtain County revealed top officials, including the sheriff, discussing wanting to kill reporters and lynch Black people. A Greenwood attorney won a guilty verdict against a former Guthrie city councilor who murdered his Black employee and buried his body underneath a septic tank.

McCurtain County Sheriff Kevin Clardy, Deputy Alicia Manning, and former District 2 County Commissioner Mark Jennings were recorded discussing wanting to kill a journalist and complained about no longer being allowed to lynch Black people.

Out of fear of a declining White population and a desire to force procreation, Republicans have passed a near-total abortion ban that has forced women like Jaci Statton to flee nearly 200 miles for an emergency procedure to save her life.

Republicans in Oklahoma are passing bills that deny gender-affirming care, even non-invasive puberty blockers, to trans youth and force teachers to out gay students against the recommendations of major medical associations. LGBTQ+ advocates have continually warned that bills targeting 2SLGBTQ+ youth and adults will lead to more suicide attempts, but their data-supported pleas go ignored.

christo fascist
FILE – Oklahoma state Rep. Mauree Turner speaks during a news conference, Dec. 5, 2022, in Oklahoma City. Turner, a Black, non-binary and Muslim Democratic state legislator in the Oklahoma House, was formally censured by the Republican majority on Tuesday, March 7, 2023, after supporting trans Oklahomans seeking their support. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki, File)

Perhaps most heinously, the state is preparing to execute Richard Glossip, a man who has survived three execution attempts and who maintains his innocence in the 1997 murder-for-hire of Barry Van Treese. The Pardon and Parole Board, along with the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals, has refused to listen to even the 60+ Republican legislators and Republican Attorney General Gentner Drummond, all who say reasonable doubt and prosecutorial misconduct should remove Glossip from death row.

What is: Christo-fascist for $100 Alex

Some people refer to the ideology behind these relentless attacks as Christo-fascism. Paul Francis Knitter is an American Theologian who serves as an emeritus professor at Union Theological Seminary.

In a 1983 essay titled “Theocentric Christology,” published in Theology Today, Knitter describes Christo-fascism as Christians who forcefully “impose themselves not only upon other religions but other cultures and political parties which do not march under the banner of the final, normative, victorious Christ.”

christo fascist
Garfield County, Oklahoma Sheriff Jerry Niles described a Saturday night event involving Ku Klux Klan robes and a bonfire near Lahoma as a “Halloween prank gone bad” in 2015. (Enid News and Eagle)

Drunk on power in a state where they hold a supermajority in both legislative chambers and a trifecta of control over executive, legislative and judicial branches, Republicans are bulldozing through their own constituents to implement a theocratic society based on their own personal beliefs. They magnify retribution against segments of their own population while downplaying Jesus’ order to “love thy neighbor.”

In Montana, the state’s only trans lawmaker, Rep. Zooey Zephr, faces punishment and isolation for saying her colleagues have blood on their hands after passing anti-LGBTQ+ bills. That statement applies to Oklahoma Republican leaders as well in so many ways.

While their bloodlust may go unchecked for the time being, they too will have to answer to a higher power in this life or the next.

Deon Osborne was born in Minneapolis, MN and raised in Lawton, OK before moving to Norman where he attended the University of Oklahoma. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Strategic Media and has...

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