Dr. Kevin James, President of HBCU Morris Brown College, brought the university back from the brink after it lost accreditation in 2002. (Morris Brown)

HBCU President shares secret sauce to reviving Morris Brown

Over 140 years after Morris Brown College first opened its doors, President Dr. Kevin James restored them and ensured they would never close.

Dr. Kevin James, the 19th president of Morris Brown College, never stopped believing in the potential of Atlanta’s most unique…

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Shooting of 3 homeless men, suspect arrested

According to officials, they believe Powell began opening fire, as they were on the sidewalks or in the alleys. One of the shootings occurred near Skid Row, which is home to the majority of unhoused residents.

According to the criminal complaint, Powell faces several murders and…

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Healthy Bedtime Snacks for Guilt-Free Bliss

Some cereals contain melatonin that can help you doze off with ease. Unfortunately, various sugar-filled cereal options continue to hit store shelves.

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