For Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner – Ashley Nicole McCray


Photo Courtesy of Ashley Nicole McCray for OCC 2018

By: Editorial Board

The race of Oklahoma Corporation Commission is rarely one that receives a substantial amount of attention.  For many voters, the position may seem obscure and the candidates vying for the seat can fly under the radar as attention focuses on races for Governor, U.S. Congress and other, higher-profile seats.

This year, one candidate has changed that completely.

Ashley Nicole McCray is a progressive, social-justice minded, nationally recognized activist fighting for a seat on the commission to create real and lasting change in order to build a more equitable Oklahoma.

A member of the Absentee Shawnee tribe, Ashley is committed to focus the state on utilzing renewable energy options like wind and solar and ending the environmentally devastating practice of hydraulic fracking. As urban water crises like the one in Flint, Michigan remain prominent in the minds of Americans, Ashley’s stances demonstrate a staunch commitment to ensuring that every single Oklahoman’s right to clean water remains unimpeded.

Ashley’s groundbreaking work championing social consciousness in energy consumption and fighting ceaselessly for others has been recognized across the country and has lead to substantial change already across the state.

If Oklahoma truly wants to move in a new, bold, progressive direction that sets our state up for future success, it must focus on more than just the typical, high-profile races.  

Ashley Nicole McCray is a change agent and Oklahomans would be better off under her leadership on the corporation commission.

We offer her our full endorsement for the Democratic nomination and general election for Oklahoma Corporation Commission and ask our readers across the state to cast their ballot in her favor on Tuesday, August 28th and again on November 6th.