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Orisabiyi Williams

Community Activist, Author, Consultant, Precinct Officer and mother of two.

Tavis Smiley, author and talk show host, brings the untold story of Dr. King to Tulsa in a new stage production.  

By Orisabiyi Williams|Contributing Editor Liz Varmecky Frank When we talk about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. we talk about the March on Washington, his famous “I Have a Dream…” speech, MLK Day […]



It seems hopeless to fight for anything in North Tulsa since we are always pushed, looked over and stepped upon. However, there is something very powerful that we can do as a community and that is to BOYCOTT. Do not shop at that Dollar General. Continue to shop at the stores you normally patronize. Dollar General refused to hear us, and so we will choose to ignore them and shut them down by not spending our money there.

Tate Brady, Questionable Motives, and Renaming Brady

Most people don’t know that Tate Brady was present during the massacre of 1921…Tate Brady was also a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Nathan Bedford Forrest, the General Secretary of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, was also a Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan.  As we see, the history runs deep in this city and truth should be told.