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Paying it forward with Ricardo Bates

Bates first became motivated to write as a coping mechanism to deal with a traumatic experience he had as a child at age 10. It was an unfortunate moment where he became the witness, nearly, losing his father. The encounter traumatized him to the point of muteness, but that moment, also, triggered an inner force, he had no idea he possessed — a love for the creative arts.

Celebrating McLain’s new multimillion-dollar sports facility

“The students and community are excited. They’ve waited for years to have a facility that is up to par with the rest of the city. Every time I go somewhere, from the barbershop to the grocery store and department stores, everyone is always asking me, ‘Is it ready? When is it going to be ready? I can’t wait.’ I show them a few pictures, and they say, ‘Man, that’s great. That’s cool, man. I love this! This is going to be great!’.”