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The Black Wall Street Times

The Black Wall Street Times brings into focus our nation’s current racial disparities in education, the criminal injustice system, health care, and economics. Our staff prioritizes and elevates the issues on our fast-growing media, and social media platforms, giving voice to the voiceless and highlighting the untold or ill-reported stories that many corporate outlets have habitually overlooked. Our independently, and black-owned media company prides itself on offering free subscriptions. Information should be free; hence, our motto “Access is the New Civil Right.”


The New Tulsa Star

The Tulsa Star’s primary goal is to continue the crucial work that the original Tulsa Star began over 100 years ago: providing high-quality, truth-centered, justice-oriented investigative journalism aimed at highlighting the issues and concerns of the utmost importance to the North Tulsa community. In addition to faithfully carrying out this main journalistic focus, we also intend to produce quality pieces that allow individuals in the North Tulsa community to truly have a voice by showcasing the unique perspectives and incredible talent our community has to offer.


thumbnail_EagleMasthead4c.jpgThe Oklahoma Eagle

The original paper for Tulsa’s African-American community was the [orignial] Tulsa Star, but during the so-called Tulsa Race Riot of 1921, whites bombed the Star’s offices into oblivion. The Eagle, like the phoenix, arose from the ashes to replace the defunct Star, and in 1936, E. L. Goodwin bought it. I interviewed his son, current owner Jim Goodwin, who joked that “the paper owns me.”

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The Bobby Eaton Show & The Juice Radio Show


The Bobby Eaton Show airs Mon, Wed, Fri at 6pm CST and Sat 12-2pm CST, The Juice Radio Show (young Tulsa Ok High School Students) airs every Thus at 6pm CST, weekly internet broadcast shows which focus on issues such as community development,national celebrity interviews, R&B,Hip Hop Jazz, Pop, Gospel and more. You can dial 646 716-5525 and press the 1 button to talk on the air.