CEO, Founder & Editor in Chief, Executive Producer

Nehemiah D. Frank is the CEO, Founder & Editor in Chief of the Black Wall St. Times. He is also the Executive Producer of “Black Coffee.”Frank graduated from Harold Washington College in Chicago, IL in General Studies, and earned a 2nd degree in Political Science from Oklahoma State University. Frank is highly involved in community activism, education reform, and dedicates most of his time to empowering and uplifting people of African descent.



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Orisabiyi Oyin Williams is a mother of two, an author and the Managing Editor of the Black Wall St. Times. Orisabiyi was born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and later moved to Tulsa at the age of 10. She graduated from Memorial High School in 1993. She is a Community Activist and believes in leaving her community in a better state than how she found it. Orisabiyi serves as Chair of the Tulsa’s Coalition for Social Justice, a member of The Tulsa African Study Group. Orisabiyi has been involved in initiatives such as bringing awareness and education to the community. Orisabiyi was the Campaign Manager for City Councilor Vanessa Hall-Harper and helped establish the African American Affairs Commission in Tulsa, with City Councilor and Community Activist Vanessa Hall Harper.

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A Tulsa Native and Central High School Brave, Lee Ann Crosby enjoys the outdoors and is always looking for a way to give a hand up in the community. Lee Ann spends most of her time reaching out to individuals in at risk neighborhoods and creating pathways that empower youths and families. Researching along with advocating for social justice in injustice occurrences is one of her passions. Graduated from OSU Tulsa with a bachelor in Human Development & Family Science and an OU Tulsa graduate degree in Human Relations, she has the tools necessary for making a difference.