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Black newspaper in Mo. reported about 1921 Massacre on June 24, 1921

George Washington Buckner, an African-American physician and diplomat wrote an analysis in St. Louis Argus, on June 24, 1921, an African-American newspaper in St. Louis, Missouri alleging that the massacre was planned. Below is an excerpt of his 1924 write-up. 


Viral post on 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre reaches 127k shares

Regardless of where you live, it’s incumbent upon us ― especially white people, who benefit from the same system that allowed this attack to occur, protected its perpetrators from legal action, precluded its victims from receiving compensation, and hid it from view of the masses for generations ― to seek out the stories that have been purposefully hidden or misrepresented in order to continue perpetuating false, placated narratives of our country’s true past.