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Why school closings in OKCPS may be a step toward equity

By closing schools that are not being optimally utilized and pulling resources together such as reading specialists, counselors and therapists, and highly certified teachers, students in the district will have access to additional instruction as well as social and emotional support


TPS Board Members, Jania IS the Equitable Choice

Recently, I have seen a shift in the discussion about education in our community. More and more, we are beginning to have some real conversations about equity and the actual challenges: Decades of inequitable systems have deeply segregated our community. When I see school leaders boldly acknowledging these disparities to our community and committing themselves to the thorny and laborious path toward equity, I am inspired. Though the decision made over this past year by the Tulsa Public Schools’ Board of Education around whether to eradicate the name of a warrior for slavery from a public school was fraught with struggle, ultimately, the board did the right thing and listened to the voices of those most impacted.