Whitty Books

Kendall Whittier is a neighborhood in full revival and their newest addition, Whitty Books, is a main street gem. Whitty Books co-owners Victoria and Julian have been open only four weeks now, but […]


Kojo Asamoa-Caesar Resigns from GLA

My purpose in life is to serve communities where everyone can grow to their highest potential. My work as founding principal at GLA has been in service to that purpose, and I wholeheartedly believe in the mission of GLA to enable our community to continue to manifest its limitless potential. I am yielding to the guidance of a higher power to step aside, not yet fully understanding why, but certain that it is the right thing for me to do at this time, and that hindsight will once again provide validation.

If Your Biggest Problem Is Daddy Ball, You’re the Lucky One

If there’s one thing that gets today’s parents upset, it is when they think that their child isn’t getting the playing time they deserve on a team. There are all sorts of reasons for this “injustice,” not the least of which is when the coach plays his own son or daughter over players that are demonstrably better by every measure. And there’s nothing wrong with thinking that what’s happening with your child is unfair; it often is. Daddy Ball is real.