Oklahoma man becomes victim of Lawton Police Department

In the video, the alleged criminal’s face — a man who simultaneously became a victim of police brutality — could visibly be seen with his face shoved into the concrete by one of the officers. The officer’s full weight was on the man’s back, therefore, restricking the man’s ability to breath. The other police officer could be seen forcefully punching the man on the side of the rib cage while yelling obscenities. 


Moms Demand Action Oklahoma collect thousands of signatures

Researchers have suggested that the presence of visible firearms may alter behavior and increase aggressive and violent behaviors.
Multiple studies show that restrictions on the carrying of concealed weapons can increase public safety. For example, recent analyses have shown that states with weak standards for concealed carry have higher rates of violent crime and gun homicides than would be expected if the states had stricter standards for public carry.

Signature Symphony Defies Gravity with Season Kick-Off

Follow the yellow brick road as Signature Symphony at Tulsa Community College visits the Emerald City for the season premiere of the 2019-2020 TTCU Pops series with two witches and a young girl from Kansas. “The Wonderful Music of Oz” will transport audience members somewhere over the rainbow with all things Oz, including Broadway’s “Wicked,” “The Wiz,” Hollywood’s classic film “The Wizard of Oz,” and other pop songs inspired by the novel, including Elton John’s “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.”

Mass incarceration and immigrant detention are two sides of the same coin

When Corey Atchison walked out of the Tulsa County Jail in late July, 28 years after being imprisoned for a crime eyewitness then and now said he didn’t commit, the local media emphasized his gratitude at being free and his noble pursuit of a job. Yet, virtually no attention was given to the white supremacist legal system that perpetuates wrongful convictions and mass incarceration disproportionately on African American communities.