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Worried about eviction during the Covid storm? There’s Help

Tulsa Eviction Prevention Clinic Published 10/15/2020 | Reading Time 1 min 34 sec  Multiple community partners are coming together to sponsor the Tulsa Eviction Prevention Clinic on Saturday, Oct 17 from 10 […]

TPD moves slowly in bridging trust gap with African-American community

225 days have passed since former Tulsa Police Officer (TPD) Betty Shelby got away with murder. And today marks 387 days since G.T. Bynum assumed the role as Mayor of Tulsa.

At the 2017 Zarrow Mental Health Symposium, Mayor G.T. Bynum told attendees that most of the 77 recommendations form the Tulsa Commission on Community Policing he created would be implemented by year’s end.

Unfortunately, time is running out on the community policing dashboard. Purportedly, only 51-percent of the 77 recommendations for community policing is implemented, and 49-percent is ambiguously in the works of being implemented.