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Guns up don’t shoot: Oklahoma’s civilian and police gun laws create confusion, danger for black residents

For Black gun owners, racial bias within the police and among non-black Oklahomans make them an easy target regardless of their place in the situation, casting doubt on whether permit-less carry is a law that applies equally to black gun owners.

I am Botham Jean

Disgraced, former police officer Amber Guyger has been found guilty of murder by a Texas jury. I didn’t expect to ever form that sentence. Digital notifications sounding like annoying chimes quickly transformed into a chorus of disbelief when my eyes glanced over the headlines.

Lawton community leaders call for cultural change to police department after “excessive force” incident

Days after neighbors recorded a viral video in which white Lawton police officers were captured beating and choking an unarmed black man, community leaders called for a meeting with the Mayor and Chief of police to demand a transparent investigation into the incident and to push for solutions to the lack of trust between local residents and LPD.

Mass incarceration and immigrant detention are two sides of the same coin

When Corey Atchison walked out of the Tulsa County Jail in late July, 28 years after being imprisoned for a crime eyewitness then and now said he didn’t commit, the local media emphasized his gratitude at being free and his noble pursuit of a job. Yet, virtually no attention was given to the white supremacist legal system that perpetuates wrongful convictions and mass incarceration disproportionately on African American communities.