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“There is no community policing without the community”

“Our chief of police has stated he will not allow community input in developing the new use of force policies for TPD; Chief Wendell Franklin’s decision is rife with hypocrisy,” says Dr. Tiffany Crutcher.


Greg Robinson II Announces Historic Candidacy for Mayor of Tulsa

“I want all of my fellow Tulsans to know that I see you. To those who have lived their entire lives feeling their voices didn’t matter – I see you. To those who have grown accustomed to not being a priority – I see you. To those who have been made to feel that you weren’t good enough, qualified enough, important enough, never enough – I see you. To those determined to continue fighting despite the deck being stacked against you – I see you. And to those asking yourself ‘how can I do more?’ – I see you,” mayoral candidate Greg Robinson II.