Dear Friends:

Our staffs’ continuous mission will be to recreate the essence of the original Black Wall Street, in an online version.

Imagine an online community where African-Americans and their neighbors can receive information delivered into the palms of their hands in a fast paced ever-changing period of modernity.

Black Wall Street’s, invariable, nature was and remains Black collectivism, self-reliance, and discipline.

The need for black collectivism partnered with allies is crucial to the continuity of African-American and minority progress in this new era of political tribalism that continues to trend towards neglect of the ‘other (i.e., minorities).’ Misinformation and communal neglect by the ‘traditional’ media keep our community in the dark ages. Simultaneously our important, yet historic, African-American papers lose subscribers and go out of business because they continue to use archaic approaches when disseminating information to our community. Lastly, we seek to release quality stories, book reviews, host events (panel discussions, etc.), and publish in the form of digital, podcast, and video that we either create or forward to our growing audience.

We’re officially set to launch Wednesday, June 21, 2017. Until then, feel free to look through our site.

We hope you’ll join us in this new period of Black Renaissance.

Yours truly,img_2586

Nehemiah Frank


Founder & Editor-in-Chief