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Cultivating Black Parent-Teacher relationships with Afro Kids and Nehemiah D. Frank of The Black Wall Street Times

Don’t use social or athletic activities as a reason for your child to skip homework. If you take time off from work to play, you pay the price and the same holds true for your child – homework should be done no matter what else is going on.


Booker T. Washington High School and public charter schools shouldn’t be the only exception for ​high-quality education for black kids

Why in the hell are our majority-black schools in Tulsa still suffering? After all, we started integrating Tulsa Public Schools in the late ’60s and ’70s. During Tulsa’s segregated years, black children were thoroughly educated within the safety ‘nest’ of the Greenwood District. For decades black children would grow in intellect, becoming adults and contributing to Black Wall Streets’ golden era. Yet today in 2019, black Tulsa finds itself believing this false sense of promise that our children will have it better tomorrow because yesterday we as a little city within the larger city of Tulsa built the wealthiest black community in the African diaspora, and we did it without the help of white leadership.

John Wittington Franklin: The naming of a school, the educators’ call, ​and remarkable families’ legacies 

There are a few times in my life when I am so fortunate to meet a person who I would consider an American titan, a great personage who simultaneously embodies strength and great intellect — an individual who has contributed significantly to the African American community and this country. 

I consider John Whittington Franklin, a man of that stature; although, I am quite sure he would think otherwise because he is the son of John Hope Franklin. And if you are obsessed with African American history, as am I, you would know that John Hope Franklin is the world-renowned scholar who chronicled From Slavery to Freedom.