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Clara Luper Legacy Committee Advocates in Washington D.C.

What Luper did with her students was revolutionary.  Leveraging her role as an educator, she incorporated activism into her teaching, though the efforts here in Oklahoma remain invisible and overshadowed by the Greensboro sit-ins.


President Obama inspires 2020 H.B.C.U.’s graduates in unforgettable commencement speech

I know this isn’t the commencement any of you really imagined. Because while our H.B.C.U.s are mostly known for an education rooted in academic rigor, community, higher purpose — they also know how to turn up. Nobody shines quite like a senior on the yard in springtime. Springfest at schools like Howard and Morehouse, that’s the time when you get to strut your stuff a little bit. And I know that in normal times, rivals like Grambling and Southern, Jackson State and Tennessee State, might raise some eyebrows at sharing a graduation ceremony.