Equality Center moves boldly to combat systemic racism; Bishop-Baldwin resigns

The Equality Center’s board issued a statement immediately after their Saturday meeting adjourned, stating that they are committed to ensuring that LGBTQ People of Color no longer feel alienated from the Equality Center — after the former director’s unappealing posts and other incidents that may have made People of Color feel unwelcomed to the Center in the past. 

First-Step Male Diversion Program announces first graduating class

Mr. Christopher Davis is a hardworking father who got caught up with a drug that threatened to send him to prison. Now he has new skills that led to a better paying full time job and is creating a healthy and successful life with his kids and partner. Mr. Davis says the program “was a blessing. It’s a great program to be in as it has a lot of people who not only want to help but care for you and helping you be a better person.”