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‘Love Island’ accused of racism, public vote pairs Black contestants

Many fans of Love Island have also taken issue with a recurring trend of Black female contestants feeling unwanted by their male counterparts on the show.

Love Island fans express disappointment and lack of surprise as the public’s decision pairs the show’s only two Black contestants. The highly anticipated new season of the popular reality TV show Love Island, set in the United Kingdom, premiered on…


Steph Simon Talks Dreamland and his past

With Steph Simon leading the charge, the future of Greenwood’s artistic landscape appears vibrant and full of promise.

GREENWOOD Dist.–In an effort to revolutionize the rap scene in his hometown, Steph Simon took the stage as the host of the second art talk of the year at Git Wit on Wednesday, a creative advertising agency in Tulsa. Formerly…


Over 40 Black LGBTQ+ Pride events announced in the US in 2023

Nationwide, pride seeks to elevate and honor the activism and riots of the Stonewall Uprising. These protests against discrimination that targeted the LGBTQ+ community became a catalyst of social and political change in the US.

“The Black Gay Pride movement has focused on issues such as racism, homophobia, and lack of proper health and mental care in Black communities.”


Alabama must add 2nd majority-Black district, Supreme Court rules

Thursday’s win for Black Alabamians comes ahead of the 2024 general elections, giving a new opportunity to one of the largest populations of Black people to have more say in choosing their leaders.

In a surprise ruling, the conservative U.S. Supreme Court ordered Alabama to establish a second congressional district with a majority-Black population. Despite Black residents making up a quarter of the state population, Only one out of seven congressional districts currently…



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