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Trump finds safe space where he won’t get booed — the deep south

Trump finally found a stadium full of people who won’t boo him — in the old Confederate and former slavery and slave-trading loving southern state of Alabama, a state that ranks at the bottom in every measurable category.


Community member calls ‘No confidence’ initiative to remove Chief Jordan

As a white woman, I’ve listened to black and brown members of my community talk, for years, about their fears when their child walks out of their home, car keys in hand, to begin the dangerous activity of driving while brown. We’ve all heard these fears so often, but have we become immune to them? Why haven’t we been able to step into their shoes and change their reality? 

Tulsa Suffers from the symptoms of White Supremacy

The problem that the Tulsa Police Department suffers from is the same problem that Tulsa Public Schools, the Tulsa Health Department, and every American created governmental institution is suffering from and that’s white supremacy. Thus, eradicating the cultural mindset of white supremacy from our institutions is the cure to eliminating the lingering racial tension and racial disparities in our city and country.