Don’t Automatically Assume It Isn’t About Race When It Almost Always Is

Opinion | Liz Frank

The Black Wall Street Times is following the killing today of a black man at the hands of three Tulsa Police Department officers in North Tulsa.  The story is developing and we will keep our readership updated.

Though we don’t know the details, “official,” or otherwise, we reject the initial interpretation by many social media commentators that “Everything isn’t about race.” People who post this type of comment have the privilege to ignore how race affects black people’s lives daily.  And that privilege has a name: White Privilege.

For those people and others, we have created this graph comparing the populations of Black and White America to the the deaths by police in 2017, as tracked by “The Washington Post.”


These numbers show what most African Americans have known for decades.: They are disproportionately the victims of law enforcement violence.

So before you stridently say that “Everything isn’t about race,” be prepared to admit that some things are.

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