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SPORTS – Dominic A. Durant 

Many people know Coach Keith Reed. He’s a father, a brother, an uncle, a friend, a Tulsan, and a staple in the community. I would be doing injustice if I didn’t mention the list of accolades that Coach Reed embodies, although, he would prefer for me not to mention them. ‘Why?’ you may ask. If a person didn’t know Coach Reed, they wouldn’t know the answer to that question.

Reed has a giant heart, he’s stuffed with wisdom, and he’s relentless in his servitude to the community. “I don’t do it for what someone might think I do it for, Durant. I do it because God has done so much for me. I do it for the kids. I do it for the families and the community. I’ve been blessed beyond measure; I just want to inspire the youth and see them do something, do more than anyone expected from them.”  

This article is titled appropriately, “A swing and A miss, but where?” and for good reason. Where is Coach “swinging?” He’s swinging at the misperceptions and lies and preconceived notions about North Tulsa, and it’s people.

We spoke about the rich heritage of North Tulsa and the rich culture of boxing. We talked about his resume and his career. We spoke passion and inspiration.

Where is he missing?

Well, he’s missing all the nonsense and calamity and lives being forgotten about, by introducing to the people of the Tulsa Community what he calls ‘Straight up, tough love.’ A swing and a miss, for sure, and a very appropriate one.

One thing’s for sure, and two things are for certain. Coach Reed and the Reed Community Foundation loves north Tulsa. The children are not ‘just’ boxing; they’re changing their lives and their families lives. They’re changing their perception and their expectations in life. Something like, what the Reed Community Foundation has stood behind one-hundred-percent, all twelve rounds.

I’m truly blown, away, seriously, almost “knocked-out” about the whole idea. It gets better; keep ‘reeding.’

Jones’ Victory

I spoke with Coach Reed before the Heavyweight Champion, Nick Jones (USA) won the Oklahoma Heavyweight Title Championship match in October. We talked about family mostly. Through the course of our 30-minute conversation, he spoke very avidly about his children and the children that he encounters at The Reed Community Foundation.

“We got a lot going on, Durant. You ought to get down here and really SEE what these kids are doing! I didn’t know what it would bring, exactly. I knew it would be a blessing, though. God’s always blessed me, and He’s going to KEEP blessing us. You, too, Durant! I know your whole family.”

Talks like these have inspired not only this article but many portions of things that I’ve done from that day forward. The thing I love about north Tulsa, and the people who live and love – in it, is LOVE.

The entire conversation was filled with inspiration, stories, reports, and TRUTHS of great victories and triumphs, all of these were won…by love. The Black Wall St. Times would like to extend a salute to the Reed Community Foundation and its staff, and especially the children. We love and stand with you!

Don’t dance to the corner, just yet. Here are some of the things that the Reed Community Foundation has done and has going on, currently. (The following information can be found on their website

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