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If you have goals, Alexis Lewis can help you achieve them. The life coach, who is currently building her portfolio of clients, is ready to support Tulsans in making their dreams come true.

Lewis, who started her career at Youth Services of Tulsa, has always supported and advocated for others. Ever since her difficult childhood, in which she and her sister faced odds against educational opportunities and achievements, Lewis knew she could make a difference for people — including herself.

In fact, you will rarely find her without her own goal binder, which includes both short term and long term goals for herself. As a life coach, Lewis encourages her clients to create their own aspirations through three aspects of their lives: goals, bills, and flaws. She is willing to “hold clients’ hands” as they work through each facet of their lives. 

Goals, bills and flaws

“Bills are the most challenging,” Lewis said in an interview with the Black Wall St Times. “So many people feel shame about their finances, and yet they dream of going on vacation or buying a car. Facing bills head-on is a great way to start making progress toward your financial goals.” 

Lewis has a way of making people feel comfortable with examining their own lives. In particular, she’s willing to share her life experiences and personal challenges. Her binder of long-term goals includes purchasing a home, saving $20,000, and going on road trips. 

Lewis brings excitement and joy to the challenge of attacking goals, through her infectious enthusiasm for coaching.  She encourages others to reframe their negative thinking and consider revenue streams outside of traditional career positions. 

“It’s about how many people you can impact while you’re here.”

Beyond that, she also avoids judging people, instead seeking to relate to their struggles and dreams. Alexis Lewis developed that skill at Youth Services of Tulsa. There she learned ways to bond with young people who experienced difficulties with their families and homes. She started by supporting Youth Services clients in achieving their personal goals, before moving on to full-time life coaching with adults. 

“I used to think life was about how much money you could make, college, or other materialistic items,” Lewis said.”I’ve learned that it’s about how many people you can impact while you’re here. That’s why I’m a Life Coach.”

Through life coaching, Alexis Lewis continues to impact others — and herself. Her own binder of goals is always at the ready for future adventures and aspirations as a Life Coach. “Doing what I’m called to do is important to me,” she says, “Helping others brings joy to my life.”

Lewis is currently taking new clients, and can be reached at her website or 918-406-6873.

Erika Stone is a graduate student in the Master of Social Work program at the University of Oklahoma, and a graduate assistant at Schusterman Library. A Chess Memorial Scholar, she has a B.A. in Psychology...