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A school district in central Michigan is in hot water after two White staff members secretly butchered the hair of a biracial first grader. Jimmy Hoffmeyer was shocked to see his seven-year-old daughter walk through the door on March 26. His daughter’s curly hair was chopped within inches of her scalp; the work of women who clearly didn’t have the first idea of how to care for the hair of a Black child.

It was just two days after the Hoffmeyer family had to deal with an unfortunate haircutting incident on the school bus. On March 24, Jurnee Hoffmeyer was on the bus heading home from Ganiard Elementary School in Mount Pleasant, Mich. when a classmate cut her hair. Jurnee’s long curly hair was cut several inches on one side to around shoulder length. When she got home that day, her family was stunned to see what had happened. But Jurnee’s father took her straight to the salon and let her choose a new look.

School staff cuts child’s hair without father’s permission

“I know how today’s society is,” Hoffmeyer said. “I wasn’t going to let my little girl go to school with half of her hair cut off.” Jurnee was upset, but she felt good about being able to choose a new style. Hoffmeyer reached out to the school administration and transportation offices to figure out what happened. He was upset but simply asked that the child not be allowed to sit next to his daughter again.

Two days later, Jurnee walked in crying. Hoffmeyer, clearly shaken, discussed the look on his daughters face that day. “I don’t think there are words to express how I felt in that moment,” Hoffmeyer said. “I asked if the girl on the bus had cut her hair again, and she said, ‘no. My library teacher cut my hair.’ I couldn’t believe it. I jumped in the car to go to the school but realized it was spring break. I couldn’t get ahold of anyone, so I called the cops.” The library teacher, listed as a media specialist on the school’s website, is Kelly Mogg.

hair cut
Jurnee Hoffmeyer after White school staff cut her hair without parental permission. (Provided)

Hoffmeyer emailed Jurnee’s teacher, Kristen Jacobs, to let her know he was filing a police report. Minutes later, he said, the principal’s secretary called him. He recalled the secretary saying she was in “utter disbelief.” But the principal would not be available to talk to him until after spring break – a week later.

Father demands justice

Finally, spring break ended and Hoffmeyer got a call from Ganiard Principal Marcy Stout. “She apologized and said she didn’t know why they would do that,” Hoffmeyer said. “I asked what was going to be done about it and she said they would probably get a mark in their progress folder or something. And that any further actions would need to go through the superintendent. So, I told her I want the superintendent to call me.” Mount Pleasant Public Schools superintendent is Jennifer Verleger.

Hoffmeyer wanted his daughter out of the school and away from the staff who hurt his daughter. “It’s been insulting. The superintendent called and sounded very insincere and short. She asked if it would make us feel better if she had the teachers send ‘I’m sorry’ cards in the mail,” Hoffmeyer said.

Between the principal, superintendent and teachers, the microaggressions kept coming. “The principal tried to convince us to keep her in the school. She said Jurnee would be safe there and offered to follow her around to make sure nothing happened to her,” said Hoffmeyer. “How is the solution to punish my kid?”

National Parents Union joins the fight

Hoffmeyer continues to face stonewalling from the Mount Pleasant School District. He’s requested to see footage from the bus incident. He was told administrators had viewed it and there was really nothing for him to see. The “we know best” attitude towards this Black father mirrors the paternalistic White supremacy displayed by the staff who cut Jurnee’s hair.

Through the experience, the Hoffmeyer family hasn’t found any allies in the district. But once Jurnee’s story reached the National Parents Union, they leaned all the way in to help get #JusticeForJurnee. In a recent statement, NPU Director of Policy and Legislation said “No child should have to experience this type of humiliating ordeal because of their hair texture, style, or type! The adults entrusted with her learning crossed the line, didn’t protect her, and had no desire to be accountable for their actions.” NPU is currently seeking a civil rights attorney for the Hoffmeyer family. They have sent formal requests to the district for evidence from the incident.

In the meantime, Jurnee has switched schools and started going to counseling. “We’ve had to take her to the doctor because she hasn’t been eating. She’s having trouble sleeping now and always wants to be with us. All of this because her hair didn’t look how they thought it should, wasn’t done to their standards. If you look at pictures of her before this happened, you can just see her spark and her energy. Now it’s like it’s just gone.”

hair cut
Jurnee Hoffmeyer, before White school staff cut her hair without parental permission. (Provided)

Anti-discrimination legislation

NPU is calling on Michigan lawmakers to enact the CROWN Act to protect students from this type of racial discrimination.

According to an update from CNN, the Mount Pleasant School District chose not to fire the employee in a lengthy statement which read in part, “As a result of the district’s investigation, the employee who cut the student’s hair will be placed on a “last chance” agreement during which time any future violations will likely result in termination.”

However, the family says they weren’t contacted during any part of the investigation. The family is currently pursuing a state investigation with the Michigan Department of Civil Rights.

We cannot discuss the particulars of a complaint while it remains under investigation,” said Vicki Levengood, communications director for the department. “We can say, however, that our Community Engagement Director will be in contact with the school administration again this week to assess the situation and to assist with training and educational opportunities that we believe may help prevent an incident of this type from occurring in the future.”

The family is also trying to push for more legislation, such as the CROWN Act, that makes it illegal to discriminate based on hair, according to CNN.
“No child should be receiving a haircut at school,” she said. “This has been humiliating to her family, and this is a young girl who is developing and is going to have a lifelong impact. They are not seeing the harm. They are protecting adults, not children,” said Christina Laster, the director of policy and legislation for the National Parents Union and a representative and advocate for the family.

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  1. Can any one say head lice? Parents need to be accountable for their kids and that includes teenagers.

    1. What kind of response is this. This is most certainly the teachers fault. Even if she had lice (which I’m sure she didnt) thats not the schools job to cut it off.

      1. Who the heck are you to suggest head lice. Stop the madness. Her hair was beautiful and the coils looked very healthy. If you don’t know keep your mouth shut. That’s for her parents to take care of n not the racist teacher. I to have mixed grandkids n no one better ever cut their hair because the don’t like the way it looks.

      2. I think they were saying even Lice isn’t enough reason to cut the child’s hair. Don’t think they were implying she had lice.

      3. Omg.I have biracial grandkids and I wish someone other than me,their mom or dad would touch their hair. Oh hell no. I would….baby….

      4. WULF you are sick. What that teacher did was assault.
        REEF stop with the too nice crap. WULF was accusing that darling little girl of having lice and saying her parents were negligent. Apparently he/she doesn’t know school protocol when it comes to headlice. I think the Dad has been very calm. That teacher would have been sporting a buzz cut if it had been my little girl.

      5. The school, teacher, principal & superintend should be ashamed of themselves, That Beautiful little girl should have never been put through that no child should. So sad

    2. Black people dont get head lice our hair is naturally too oilly and we put oil in our hair everyday so thats not a plausible excuse sorry

      1. Head lice!?!?!?!
        Are you kidding me????
        Dumbest YT answer ever!!!!
        Biracial and Black children do not get lice! Their hair us naturally oily and cared for more than a YT child’s hair.
        GTFOH with that nonsense!

      2. We do get lice. I’m very much black and use oils. My daughter (biracial) got lice from a sleepover and in turn, passed it to me. Olive oil with tea tree soaked on the head overnight with a shower cap, rinsed with blue dawn dish soap, comb through with nit comb. Did that 3 times and it was gone. No hair cutting necessary. It’s a myth we don’t get it. Why do you think our ancestors heads were shaved and they were doused with de-lousing products? Again, it’s rare, but very VERY possible.

      3. I know of a few biracial children to get it working in pharmacy. However, even if this child had it gives the staff no right to cut her hair. Would they have cut off hair of other race.
        They were not protecting this child they were the root of the problem.

      4. My daughters best friend had to cut off his dreads when he got lice. He is not biracial he is black.. The woman also stated even if she did have lice its no excuse. No child deserves this. My grandma cut my moms hair before she went to school from but length to a pixie cut cuz she didn’t want to deal with her hair and my mom is still messed up over it. This is just cruel and ignorant on the schools part. That little girl has an amazing dad willing to fight for her instead of give up and give in like they want.

      5. The only way black hair gets lice is if the person has euro/asian genes that effect the texture. Living in outrageous conditions euros/asians will get lice before the African.

      6. I would sue the hell out of the teachers and the school. Probably after I beat someone a$$

      7. I got so sick to my stomach when I read the story! My heart just breaks for that beautiful little girl with that beautiful hair and how her parents must have felt. Her hair grows back but that little heart and mind will remember this forever and that’s what hurts me the most.

    3. If a child has obvious head lice, the school should call home and tell someone, not touch the child even to treat it. How hard is it to understand that you don’t manhandle someone else’s child?

      1. As a mother whose white child did get head lice from a class mate, it would have been found at the salon. It did happen at spring break time so we too had more time to work on the problem. I did not care to know who it might have come from, but what upset me was the school’s failure to notify all parents so they would be able to deal with their children before they returned to school. Yes we did have to cut her hair but our salon & stylist was certainly knowledgeable with the condition & how to handle it without any trauma to my daughter. I would have been horribly upset if someone from the school had touched my child’s hair for any reason! This incident was completely mishandled by the school & all personnel!

      2. First, the article mentions nothing about head lice, so you have no basis to make that claim.

        Second, even if head lice was the issue, you never have the right to take it upon yourself to cut another childs hair. That is a decision to me made only by the parent. You remove the child from the school until the parents have taken care of the issue.

        Third, those suggesting cutting the childs hair even in the case of head lice are not educated about methods to deal with head lice.

        When my son was young, he caught head lice from another child. At the time, my son had long hair even, and cutting his hair was not necessary to get rid of his head lice. All I did was notify the school and remove him from school until we got rid of it. Yes, cutting the hair makes it easier, but not necessary. It just takes more work when dealing with long hair.

        But again, at no point should that school have ever touched that child, whether head lice was involved or not.

    4. Some times it’s best to sit quietly and appear stupid than to open your and remove all doubt……

      1. I would demand that for punishment the two who cut the child’s hair allow the child or parents of the child to cut their hair cut !

    5. WTF! Is that all you got from this? assuming that a library staff member, someone who handles the management of books decided to grab a pair of scissors and haphazardly chop a child’s hair off because suddenly she saw something that wasn’t there? You sound just as racist and crazy as the people at this school. That was never mentioned yet YOU and your cognitive dissonance want to blame the child for something she didn’t have! How about the fact that people are evil and hateful and cutting off her beautiful blonde curls has every thing to do with humiliation and racism not bugs. Ridiculous

      1. I am white and totally abhorred regarding this. It is nobody’s right to touch any child’s person in any way and the entire school board should be dismissed. The cover up is extremely hurtful. I am beyond words for this travesty. And then to makeup a lie that the child had lice to try and cover their butts. They all need to be fired. They have no right in education since they are ignorant.

    6. This is bullshit! After I finished cutting that damn teachers hair I would sue the hell out of everyone.THATS CHILD ABUSE AND THEY ALL NEED TO BE CHARGED! Who TF does this to a child and who did she think she was? What have her the right! He is better than me cause I would have turned that school OUT! I hope the border meeting is online so Nayional attention and pressure can happen.

    7. The individual responding to this incident as “Head Lice” is a prime example of the racist behavior that is crippling our country today. Head lice or No Head lice, they did not have the right to cut the child’s hair. The teachers should be fired. I consider their actions Physical and Emotional Abuse. The parents of the child must demand actions and compensation for the damages that they have caused the child and family. THE HATRED HAS TO STOP!

  2. Years ago I was a foster parent for two biracial children. As foster parents we were not allowed to change a child’s hair, only maintain the haircut they had. What made these teachers think this was even remotely appropriate!

  3. As a parent I would consider this a form a harassment, billing, mental and physical abuse on this child..and outside of it being anteater and a student, don’t you technically have to have a cosmetology license to cut a person’s hair in the first place?!? What a bunch of ignorant, heartless scum pieces of crap. If anyone ever touched a hair on my little guy the momma bear in me would rage beyond belief. I hope all of these people are punished to the extent of the law and shamed beyond belief past the point of what they have forced this poor little girl to endure. How could a grown ass person who knows how hard growing up is, be the cruel to a child who knows nothing of the world yet. Shame shame shame. I hope they all burn in hell someday!


  5. Cutting a child’s hair without permission is ASSAULT. Doing it to a Black child is racist. This school district is living in a white supremacist bubble where certain white staff feel entitled to alter the body of a child of color without consequence. The superiors back up that sense of entitlement. This is NOT just about a terrorized little girl and her hair, bullied by peers and adults. It strikes at the very heart of the BLM movement’s effort to protect the human rights of Black people to have agency over their own bodies.

  6. That is an asult against his daughter! He did the right thing! Those teachers should never have touched her hair! What were they thinking! There is no excuse for that!

  7. This is assault! That teacher needs to be charged with assault on a child. The criminal and civil penalties are going to be hefty by the time this is over. Poor little girl, she is so beautiful and her hair is what grown women pay lots of money to get–blond and curly! This is disgusting. I hope this school’s facebook page is filled with comments from parents. Let them feel the shame of what they have done to an innocent child.

  8. Where did head lice come from? There was no mention of head lice. This is ridiculous. As a teacher, I would never cut a child’s hair or infringe on a child’s identity. I hope those involved are made to pay. I hope the school is held accountable. This poor baby has just had her identity scarred for life at such a young age. Bless Jurnee and her parents. I hope justice is served.

  9. When they show you who they are … believe it! Sweep nothing under the rug, especially when children are involved. Press charges, include the individuals, the school and the school system. I’m … just … soooo … tired!!!

  10. ALL school personnel involved should be sued, required to wear hideous hair cuts for the rest of the school year, required to attend Undoing Racism course, and freed of contracts for the following school year. Racist bigot bullies do not change their behavior until they are forced to do so – – – usually by B-I-G hits to their wallets!

  11. This is assault on a child certainly, but it is also a hate crime and should be prosecuted as a hate crime. Whatever the circumstances no child should be violated this way. The people who did the heinous thing and the people that have protected the people who did this should face the maximum punishment. I would take this to the State certification board and I would enlist the help of the FBI whose job it is to investigate government sponsored hate crimes.

  12. WTH? Please let us know what happens at the board meeting. I hope this is on the agenda. Un-consented to touching is assault and battery. LOCK HER UP-the teacher.

  13. F…. the head lice. Those teachers were cruel. I don’t care what color she is THATS JUST WRONG. She 7!!!!
    And she’s so cute.

  14. I feel so sorry for this child and glad her parents are getting her help. I did not see head lice mentioned any where in the article and even if it did, you NEVER do anything like this to someone’s child. You send a note home. Most often the kid isn’t even excused from school because it’s a harmless event if taken care of. The staff involved need to be off without pay and they need to apologize in person to that beautiful little girl. This really disgusts me.

  15. I have had the privilege of teaching public school for 31 years. Anyone with even an ounce of common sense knows that you don’t handle children, except to treat a wound or provide some aspect of healing care. These people, from the superintendent down need to be relieved from their positions immediately, and explore other employment options. They should, under no circumstances be permitted to be responsible for children. They should also be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and be financially responsible for any counseling that the Jurnee may require.

  16. I’d sue them all! It is assault and they should pay $ to the family! It won’t fix the kids hair or her feelings, but these sadistic bitches won’t do it again!

  17. Spoiler alert, this is NOT what happened. The story doesn’t even make sense the way the father claims it happened. The father NEVER took his daughter to get her hair fixed after it was cut by another student on the bus. The child CAME to the librarian who was a staff member who had given this child support in the past that she wasn’t receiving at home. She told the librarian the other kids were making fun of her BECAUSE her hair was uneven and had been left that way due to neglect by her parents. The child ASKED for the librarian’s help because she trusted her. This is why the librarian cut her hair. Maybe it was wrong, maybe instead the school should have contacted CPS again. However, this librarian’s actions were done out of compassion and sympathy for the child.

    According to this half-baked account, why didn’t the father go to the school after the hair cutting incident on the bus? Because he didn’t give a crap, the same reason he never took her to get her hair fixed in the first place.

    1. If that’s the case, then the school needs to get in front of this before the next school board meeting. Also, I don’t care how kind she was trying to be, you don’t take the word of a 7 yr old that it’s okay to cut her hair, or anything else. If the parents aren’t responsive when called, then CPS is the way to go. As it stands, it’s still assault because they touched this girl without parental permission. Did anyone bother to call the father after the haircut on the bus experience, or did they just not bother because they don’t think the family cares? Schools still have to follow up or they are just as guilty of neglecting the child

    2. And you know this new and edited version of the story…HOW? Do you know either the family with the child, this reckless and careless librarian or were you present? Ya know, even if this newly altered version is true and i do not know if it is. You give no explanation to how you know but even if…DO NOT CUT THE HAIR OF A CHILD UNLESS IT IS YOUR OWN!! PERIOD! I DON’T GIVE A DAMN WHAT THEY THINK THEY WERE DOING. YOU CALL THE DAMN PARENT!

      1. Does it matter how I know? This is the internet, I could give you any explanation of how I know, would you believe it? How do you know the fathers account is accurate? Which account really makes more sense? A crazy racist cut a girls hair FOR NO REASON after it was also cut by a student OR an educator who knew the girl tried to help her by fixing her hair because her parents neglect her? The librarian has no other complaints against her ever. The father has a history of CPS complaints.

        I know because this is still a small town.

      2. So you expect us to believe your version of events and can’t drop a single article (even a sh*tty one) or give any proof that you’re not just some random commenter making up stuff, because if you did we would say you’re just a random commenter making up stuff? I’m pretty sure an evidence to your said would have a lot of folks ready to believe you, so the only reason I can imagine you’d not drop any evidence is if you have none.

      3. You are absolutely correct. I have NO evidence. However, I have as much evidence as the father does that his story is accurate. This is a matter of motive.

        Everyone agrees her hair was cut on the bus. Everyone agrees the that later on librarian cut her hair also. Which makes more sense? That the father took her to get her hair fixed and then the librarian FOR NO REASON other than “racism” cut it a THIRD time? OR that the librarian cut the girls hair to fix it from the bus incident?

        What motive do I have to come here and tell the truth? Zilch. Other than I know what’s being said about this woman isn’t true. What motivation does the father have to lie? He will be pursuing a monetary settlement in court.

        You can believe what you want but don’t think that just because something gets put out on the internet that makes it true.

      4. You “know” as much as anyone in a small town knows; what they heard from “their” side. I lived in a small Michigan town for 35 yrs and no one knows but the people it happened to or who saw it. I’m sure there are a ton of stories making the rounds, from the girl was beaten and her head shaved on the bus to the teacher patted her on the head. The haircut part seems to be true, based on the picture, so, if it was done by a teacher, it is still assault, no matter why she did it as long as she didn’t get permission and the family has the right to press charges. I hope they bring the actual facts to light before it causes a true rift in the community

    3. I have really curly hair as does my daughter, similar to the girl’s in the photo.

      I also work at a public school. Parents lie. Parents neglect. I still don’t do anything because the ones who neglect are sometimes the ones who will lie… especially if they think it will get them some money or some benefit. But also, never cut a kids hair anyway. Even if a kid has lice and parents don’t take care of it – get social work and admin involved. If there was an issue with neglect, and the girl is upset… tell the girl you can’t cut her hair only a parent can give permission for that. But maybe find a hat for her. And report the neglect to CPS again.

  18. It’s irrelevant, although I do not believe it to be the case, that this baby had head lice. The issue here is her hair was cut by teachers! Period!! That is NOT ok!! I am going to say it was a very racist act, unless they cut ever kiddos hair, black & white in the school!’ The teachers, principal and superintendent should ALL be fired. Administration supported the uncalled for actions of their teacher. Let’s switch it around, a black female teacher cut the hair of a white student because of “lice” or just because….

  19. These teachers need to be charged with the worst form of assault charges on the books. They dared to commit trespass on the child. They should be arrested forthwith. What the hell is going on.

  20. This is complete abuse of a child. A beautiful little girl with lovely curly hair and the librarian thinks she has the right to cut off all her hair,WHY? because she what? Didn’t like the looks or style of her hair. No it’s truly because she is a Total bigot socialist racist. Fire them all and sue their asses. This is getting completely out of hand. You ask why people cross the line and get killed!!! This is one good reason especially when no one from the school even the Superintendent give a damn. Sound like I’m upset?? Damn right and I don’t even live in that crappy state!!!

    1. The father never took her to get her hair fixed after it was cut on the bus by another student. He had her continue going to school with her hair uneven and messed up. Because her hair was messed up she was getting teased and made fun of by the other children. The girl went to the librarian who had given her support before that she wasn’t getting at home. She told the librarian about being teased and asked her for help. The librarian knowing the girl had already been wearing uneven hair for days, cut her hair. That’s what actually happened. Was it an overstep? Maybe. Was it done with the child’s best interest at heart? Absolutely.

      Had the child’s father actually taken the girl to have her hair fixed after it was cut by the other student, none of this would have happened. The librarian was looking out of the child because her parents were neglecting her and it wasn’t the first time.

      1. It doesn’t matter why, she NEVER should have cut her hair. I used to live in that town. There is a large indigenous population as well. A teacher would NEVER cut their hair. A teacher would never cut a white kids hair, it would just not happen. Maybe because no one responded to why her hair was cut by another child on the bus to begin with was the problem.

      2. It does matter why. It’s the difference between something abhorrent like racism or something done out of compassion. It was indeed an overstep to cut her hair but she did it out of sympathy for the girl. This is a teacher who will buy clothes for kids who would otherwise have to go without needed items. Her acts of kindness to children, especially underprivileged and needy children, goes above and beyond her role as a teacher.

  21. Enough is enough! How is this getting turned around where it’s the dad’s fault?? This should never have happened to this little girl! I never saw anywhere that the little girl had lice. When my daughter had lice at school, I got a call to pick her up right away and how to treat it and when she could return to school. No one cut her hair! That is next to child abuse! I would pull my child out of that school and call a lawyer and find out what my rights are.

  22. It was definitely an overstep and more so abuse on the librarian’s end or even neglect, if there was reason to believe the child was abused at home it’s our job to report to authorities. It is not our job to cut a child’s hair. Never! The police should have been called, charges filed! And yes we get lice! Signed; Mother, grandmother of 10, black woman, Registered Nurse.

  23. I think it’s just a lack of respect and common sense .
    If they would do this to a black or biracial child they would just as quickly do it to a lower class, (financially)
    White child. Maybe the fucking idiots felt that they were in some way helping to fix her hair but are just too stupid to even realize that is not their job or right.

  24. Is this not assault? Was this teacher picked up and charged? Is she still allowed to teach? Has her license been taken? What is going on here?

  25. My daughter actually went through the same when she was 7 years old, she was the only minority at her classroom (People of color to be more accurate) she was denied a cookie bécause one of the volunteer parents said aloud , if you have blonde, blue and white skin please come an grab a cookie . Seriously, my beautiful girl has dark skin and black hair , my daughter was traumatized and went back home to paint her face with baby powder . It was hard for me to see my girl crying and the school didn’t do anything. Is a shame how things like that still happening . Because of that I have to move my girl to another school isn’t fair but still happening . What’s wrong with this world they haven’t get it I guess. The teacher was apologetic a s told us that she has never had a student of color in her classroom and felt bad that’s all. Seriously

  26. No CHILD DESERVES THAT!!!!! I have had to go up against a school for my biracial child being physically hurt… it was a nightmare but I would do it again anytime!!! They need to keep their hand off our children!!!!

  27. I think that the school should be sued and the teacher should be fired This has got to stop if the child would have been white and a black teacher did that to a white child how would it have been handled I am 99 percent the teacher would have been fired immediately with know question asked and for sure they would not be told to write apology card come on American now we attack our children without giving thought to how this will affect the child if Americans is better than that get it together and show more love toward all human please pray if you don’t know how to show Love and I guarantee God will help you change your line of thinking and help you to show Love not Hate

  28. I’m a white Grandma & Great Grandma if anyone ever touched one of my kids Grand children or Great Grandchildren or any one no matter what race or color and I was around I think they should be taken to the woodshed and given a good whoppen and done to them what they did to that child.

  29. Demand both teachers hair be cut in the same style and they pay for the counseling this trauma has caused. She should receive damages for this injustice.

  30. I’m thinking assault charges. I’d have to read the state law, though.

  31. As a young school kid my 2nd grade teacher use to braid my hair. Never gave a reason but as a child I felt something was wrong with me she wasn’t giving attention to the other girls. It started an issue I’ve had to work hard at – all my life. I feel for this child. As adults we need to be aware of our actions and stand up for our kids

  32. this beautiful little girl didn’t deserve that at all!!! if it was my child that person/persons would not need a hair cut for a very long time. Please people don’t take your anger out on little children.Think before you act!!!

  33. NO person, NO matter their race or ethnicity, should have anything like this done to them!
    These teachers should know better! They are the embodiment of racism today and they SHOULD BE ASHAMED of themselves! This makes me extremely angry.
    I hope that in the end this child finds peace in therapy and these teachers, superintendent, and the Mount Pleasant public school district are punished to the maximum.
    These are the types of situations that I pray future generations of our children do not have to face.
    We can no longer stand silent, we must speak up!!!

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