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After two kids who were selling candy attempted to overcharge Dababy, the millionaire hip hop artist made it clear that he considers the ability to network more important than sharing his net worth. 

Recently, a video emerged on various YouTube channels depicting Dababy opening the door of his luxury van to hear a business pitch from two young boys selling skittles and gushers.

It’s no secret that the hip hop artist, fresh off a second number one album with “Blame it on Baby” (2020), has cash to spare. Born Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, the artist grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina and has been putting the city on the map with his multiplatinum releases and consecutive weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot 100. 

Don’t blame this on Dababy

While the pandemic exacerbated disparities and caused massive suffering across the U.S., it seemed to only catapult Dababy’s career even higher. This year he performed “Ball If I Want To” at the BET awards and presented the Athlete Award to Lamelo Ball of the Charlotte Hornets at the ESPYs. The “Rockstar“ rapper’s high-profile events come on top of his regular sell-out performances and his lowkey personal videos on Instagram showing him just being a dad, spending time with his daughter.

Perhaps the softer side of Dababy led the kids to believe they could overcharge him for candy without him noticing.

“What you want for the box?” Dababy asked the kids in the video. The kids responded saying $200.

“Two hunned?” Dababy asked. He then asked the kids how much they charge for a single piece of candy, to which they replied one for two dollars.

Kids try to hustle rapper while Dababy teaches lesson

Dababy, who spent two years in college at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, took the kids through a quick math lesson. He asked them to count how many pieces are in each box, to which they replied 34.

“What’s 34 times 2 my boy?” Dababy asked. “It ain’t $200.”

Speechless, the kids attempted to mumble a response while Dababy laughed. He pulled out a wad of cash and handed the kids money for a single bag of skittles and a single bag of gushers.

“See you gotta use your head man. You was trying to play me. I was gonna bless you anyway. You would’ve got the $200. Now, you got two dollars. Y’all be blessed.”

The reactions on social media were mixed. Some applauded Dababy for teaching the kids a lesson about honesty in entrepreneurship, while others lashed out at Dababy for posting the faces of the kids and not paying for the whole box.

Nevertheless, the next time the kids try to hustle someone, I bet they’ll think twice about it.

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