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Left: Capitol police Officer Harry Dunn answers questions from CNN’s Don Lemon. (CNN)
Right: Fox News host Tucker Carlson speaks at the National Review Institute’s Ideas Summit at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington, DC on March 29, 2019.BY CHIP (SOMODEVILLA/GETTY IMAGES)
Right: Fox News host Tucker Carlson speaks at the National Review Institute’s Ideas Summit at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington, DC on March 29, 2019.BY CHIP (SOMODEVILLA/GETTY IMAGES)

Evidently, comparing Black Lives Matter to insurrectionists, claiming George Floyd’s public police lynching was a hoax, and spreading disinformation around the pandemic isn’t enough to satisfy Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

Now, he’s set his sights on Capitol police Officer Harry Dunn, a hero who defended Democratic and Republican members of Congress from the deadly White mob of insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Hero to testify at insurrection committee

Months ago, while describing his experience defending the Capitol, Officer Harry Dunn told MSNBC’s Joy Reid that Black Capitol police officers fought a “different” battle than their fellow officers, having to both absorb physical assaults and racial slurs as the brigade of betrayers threw punches, kicks, and hurled n-words during the attempted overthrow of the U.S. government on Jan 6.

“The battle, I guess, was just different. Like everybody, we fought physical fights, and we were emotionally tested. But to have racism rear its ugly head in there, that — while the fight was happening, I didn’t process it while it was happening,” Dunn told Reid in April.

Tucker Carlson stays mad

Now, after being among the D.C. officers who received congressional medals for their bravery, Harry Dunn will be one of the first to testify about the infamous siege on the Capitol when U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s House Select Committee opens its first hearing on July 27.

Apparently, Tucker Carlson—an entertainment host, not a journalist—didn’t like that. 

Tucker Carlson tries to discredit Dunn

Looking for a way to attack Dunn’s character while still appearing to support police officers in general, Carlson claimed Dunn is nothing more than an “angry, left-wing political activist” who doesn’t represent the average police officer.

It’s no surprise that Carlson, who has made blatant appeals to violent, white supremacist ideologies, would label a Black man angry in an attempt to discredit him. 

But it’s pretty hypocritical of Tiny Tucker to point his fingers at Dunn when he’s nothing more than a whining far-right political hack who’s never served in any type of police or military capacity a day in his life.

It’s also no surprise that Carlson made the statements about Dunn rather than directly to Dunn. Standing 6 foot 7 at 37 years old and a 13-year police veteran from Prince George’s County, Md., Dunn isn’t someone Carlson feels comfortable insulting in person. 

In the interest of ratings, Carlson has no problem feeding racism to his viewers on a daily basis. Considering his target audience appears to support his racist views, it makes financial sense that Carlson would turn a hearing on the insurrection into a culture war casting Dunn as someone unfit to represent police officers.

Attorneys for Capitol police Officer Harry Dunn respond

For their part, attorneys for the heroic Black Capitol police officer clapped back against Tucker Carlson’s asinine assertions in a statement on Twitter Monday night.

“Our client has served 13 years in law enforcement, and on January 6, 2021, fought against an insurrectionist violent crowd-no doubt many of them Carlson’s supporters-to protect the lives of our elected officials, including Vice President Pence,” the statement read.

“Officer Dunn, who would lay down his life to protect a Member of Congress, regardless of being a Republican or Democrat, will testify next Tuesday before the House Select Committee investigating the events of the insurrection. Frankly, the last thing Carlson wants is for the truth to emerge of what happened that day and why.”

Tiny Tucker can’t handle the truth

To be clear, Fox news does regularly list as the most watched cable news network in the U.S., due largely to entertainment shows like Tucker Carlson’s. But that says a lot more about the entrenched delusions of grandeur (AKA white supremacy) infecting millions in America than it says about the actual credibility of the programs.

So far, more than 500 people have been charged after thousands stormed the Capitol building, following repeated false claims by former President Trump and his supporters that the election was stolen. Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson prove that not only do racist White men not age gracefully, they don’t know how to lose gracefully either. 

While Carlson will continue to enjoy high ratings as he attempts to fight against the growing diversity of the country–or what he calls “white genocide”–there’s one thing he will never be able to defeat–the truth.

He can run away from it, spread disinformation around it, earn money denying it, and galvanize his supporters against it, but every single generation of Black Americans, from Ida B. Wells to Capitol police Officer Harry Dunn have proven and will continue to prove that nothing is more powerful than the unvarnished truth.

Deon Osborne was born in Minneapolis, MN and raised in Lawton, OK before moving to Norman where he attended the University of Oklahoma. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Strategic Media and has...

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  1. Have Dunn take a lie detector test. It’s way too convenient of a narritive. I condem anyone that says that word. Even if they end with an a instead of an r.

    1. You must be a Tucker Carlson fan. Bless your heart.

      1. Exactly. Off ppl saw all the other footage of Jan 6th they’d shut their mouths. Capitol police were letting ppl walk right in. But the left media doesn’t want us to know that

    2. Bob, you do know we have footage of this attempted coup. We have audio and body cams from several different angles. We Believe our eyes before your lying mouth.

  2. MAGA cowards always talk tough but n ever face to face or would sign a real name. Fox immediately changed it’s reporting on its false voting machine stories as soon as they were sued by the voting machine manufacturers. There should be more lawsuits because they know their lies cannot stand up in court or against evidence. WE should start a fund fort these officers lawsuits against Tucker, Judge lying magicJeanie, Sean Hateitty,, and especially Mark Vermin and his constant lies spouted on his Sunday show, Death, Oppression and Vermin.

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