detroit couple covid
Troy and Charletta Green (Credit: GoFundMe)
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A Detroit-area couple who had been married for over 20 years died within several hours of each other earlier this week.

Troy and Charletta Green were both hospitalized with Covid when Mrs. Green passed away.

Distraught by the news of his wife’s death, Mr. Green later died from a heart attack.

Covid takes High school sweethearts

The pair had been teenage sweethearts who married when they were 22. They leave behind seven children, who are devastated by the loss of both their parents. The children range in age from 23 down to just 10 years old. 

Mrs. Green fell ill with Covid while on a vacation to Florida. The pair had planned to go together with their seven children, but when Mr. Green fell ill, he stayed behind while Mrs. Green went with her sister and the children to Florida. She then became sick and sought hospital care in Florida, as Mr. Green was later hospitalized in Michigan. 


Heartbreaking loss

Mrs. Green then became so sick, she was placed on a ventilator but never recovered from her illness. Mr. Green was also on a ventilator due to Covid. 

According to Mr. Green’s sister, Tiki Green, “Charletta’s lungs were severely damaged and … they just couldn’t do any more for her. When Troy realized that his wife, you know, maybe not getting better, after he hears she’s on a ventilator and she’s on it 100 percent constantly, he just basically couldn’t take that. He just started having chest pains and eventually a couple of hours later he passed.”

While many COVID-19 victims are never able to come off a ventilator, Mr. Green was able to leave the COVID-19 ICU in Detroit, and his condition was improving. Hearing the news about his wife’s struggles and eventual death, however, Mr. Green began experiencing chest pains and later died from a heart attack.

detroit couple covid

Couple wasn’t vaccinated

The couple had planned to have the Covid vaccine, but never found the time to receive the shot. However, all of their children over the age of 12 have been vaccinated.

Tiki Green continued, “Troy was improving. He was not out of the woods. He got dialysis. He was getting better but it was a slow, slow process.”

Devastated by information on his wife’s condition, however, he took a turn for the worse. “When he found out her status, he started having chest pains and died from a heart attack.”

A GoFundMe has been set up for the children. The money raised will help with their basic needs, as well as a double funeral for Mr. and Mrs. Green.

Meanwhile, the children are being supported by the extended Green family.

“The kids are home. They are being cared for by the older children. A far as support, the aunt and uncles are doing it,” said Tiki Green. “We are making sure their bills are paid and they have food. And we take shifts, giving them everything they need.”

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