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AUTHOR’S NOTE: For those who think my opinion piece is anti-American and unpatriotic, they can go to hell. My DNA reveals I am more American than 99.9% of the White people living in this country will ever be because they refuse to let their racism go. I am majority African, a fifth European, and a tenth Creek-Indigenous. If you think my title is exaggerated, you’re sadly mistaken. Every U.S. Border patrol officer is paid for by the taxes of the American people.

What happened at the U.S. Southern Border yesterday was not only a crime against Haitian immigrants, but a crime against Black people worldwide and a crime against humanity. And someone needs to be held accountable for this wickedness.

We witnessed on film White men on horseback charging at and whipping Black people like overseers who were on an 1800s Mississippi slave plantation in the 21st Century. 

U.S. Border Patrol agents should be fired and charged

They used the tools that they use to control their horses on Black bodies as if these Black refugees were anything but human. 

It was triggering. It was barbaric. It was inhumane. It was racist. It was evil. It was wrong.

Every U.S. Border Patrol agent who whipped or proceeded to whip a Black person should be fired immediately and charged with assault and battery. No investigation needs to be had because it can clearly be seen on video who these individual criminals are.

Treatments of Haitians reveals racism

We have to ask ourselves: When was the last time we saw non-Black immigrants physically abused by Border Patrol agents? I have personally never seen it on film, although I’m sure it has probably happened. But had they used the whip on Brown people, too?

We have seen Border Patrol agents round up Brown folks and herd them into cages. We have seen them physically rip children from their parents. But we have never seen them use the whip on Brown people, nor have we ever heard or read about them doing so. So why the harshness towards these immigrants of a different hue?

Trump was brave enough to say it while in office; that he desired immigrants from Scandinavia countries over those from Black and Brown nations. Perhaps that’s why some Black people preferred him over the closeted racist — even though Trump didn’t considered himself a racist. Some of these Black Republicans, although they will never tell a White person, preferred their racism upfront and direct opposed to indirectly. Nevertheless, the Biden Administration is seemingly sending these Black immigrants back to Haiti faster than he has sent Brown folks back to their home countries. 

They are being shipped back to Haiti when many of them have been living in South and Central American countries for the past 5, 10 and in some cases 20 years.

There is a long history of Haitians being treated more harshly than Brown immigrants. While Brown folks are receiving court and hearing dates to seek asylum, Haitians are being swept up and deported back to the political unstable island nation without that equal treatment.

Do I think that President Biden is racist?

No! Do I think that President Biden is caving to the pressure of a polarized nation that continues to be soft on the White supremacy forces that have kept Black Americans and Black Haitians in adverse conditions from one generation to the next? Absolutely! 

The midterms are coming, and Democrats need to hold the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate. And strategically speaking, showing even so much as an ounce of compassion to these desperately poor Black immigrants is the fastest way to losing both.

Black America knows the political chess games being played from one Administration to the next. We, also, know the arc of the moral universe is long as hell, but that it still bends toward justice. Nevertheless, we were reminded, yesterday, of how harsh America has been and continues to treat Black people.

Black people across the African Diaspora are triggered by treatment of Haitians

Many non-Black Americans will wonder: ‘Why are so many Black Americans upset at what happened on our southern border? They aren’t Haitian; they’re American.’ 

Here’s the answer to that question. Black Americans share a common bond with all Black people in the African diaspora that is composed of North and South America and the West Indies. 

In fact, during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, many of our families were split apart after spending a generation or two in the West Indies before coming to America. 

How do I know this to be true? Not only is it recorded history, but also because I found my own West Indie blood relative through a DNA test that confirmed an oral tradition that had been passed down from one generation to the next in my family: That our people had passed through the French colony of Martinique before coming to French Louisiana in the early 1800s. There is also an oral tradition that one of early relatives came from Haiti, which was also colonized by the French, to French-speaking Louisiana. It makes since. It would be easier to communicate with a French speaking enslaved person in  French-speaking Louisiana. 

Pres. Biden owes Black people an apology

Furthermore, as a child, I had always wondered why my people looked similar to the Haitians. Perhaps many of us came from the same region in Africa before we were taken captive and sold as enslaved-people to the Europeans who were colonizing other people’s lands on the other side of the ocean. 

Coincidentally, my Louisiana origins and the Haitians who were beaten and were treated less than human on the southern border are from French-speaking regions of the western world, and many of our DNA traces our ancestral lineages back to French-speaking colonized African nations.

So, yes! I was triggered — just like so many other Black Americans were.

I have been very supportive of this new Administration. Biden said the bucks stops with him. I, however, truly believe this anti-Black behavior that unfolded on the U.S. border warrants a sincere apology from the President of the United States to Black Americans and to the Haitian people.

Nehemiah D. Frank is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Black Wall Street Times and a descendant of two families that survived the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. Although his publication’s store and newsroom...

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    1. one reason you might not be respected when you bring these ideas to others with an attitude is that it makes you look stupid. it is disinformation being passed down to you by liars. Those are reins but you can’t stop being a victim. you eat it up like a happy meal but it doesn’t make you happy, it makes you more of a loser. you didn’t get whipped, they didn’t get whipped, stfu.

  1. Excellent summary. These BWS “commenters” hate America. They may have the antiquated idea that this is still the 1950’s and they call the shots, but this is America, land of the free, and they hate America today. They quibble about being whipped with “reins” instead of proper whips which their ancestral heroes used. All the America’s, North, the Caribbean, central, and South America had economies driven by families from West Africa torn apart by the flesh merchants. These are not foreigners they are our families. When my children did the “23 and me” tests it came back Bantu, largest tribe in West Africa. After the Civil war our ancestors intermarried with the Cherokee and Choctaw tribes. Yes, there were people here before Columbus, but now that’s illegal Critical Race Theory here in Oklahoma, where you just made it a crime to teach history. That’s one way to deal with truth, outlaw it.

    It’s amusing to hear European Americans whose families immigrated here 2 generations ago by just getting on a boat and showing up at Ellis Island claiming they came here “the right way”. They just showed up at the border no different than Hattians today. There were no waiting lists or quotas to get into America then. You have a fifth of the history in America we do, Your ancestors came not in chains, thank God, but just showed up, just got off a boat with no papers or anything other than a hope for a better life.. Get off your self righteous high “horse” like you belong here and we don’t. Try for a moment, from time to time, not to be a disgusting example of what it is to be a human being.

  2. Biden is just as bad as that fool Trump. Maybe worse at least we knew where Trump stood. Biden says you’re not black if you don’t vote for him, then gives Asain a hate bill when historical noone has hated in Asians. It’s plenty of documented cases of Asians terrorizing black folks in their own community. As a black man it’s frustrating dealing with either side of the political game.

  3. You, Nehemiah Frank, along with Maxine Waters, personify the greatest danger that exists today: People whose perception has become so twisted and distorted, that their version of “reality” is a toxic nightmare that bears no resemblance to what is actually happening.

    “Cowboys on horses whipping blacks.” If you think this is what was actually happening, you might want to go see a psychiatrist for a full evaluation, and an eye doctor as well.

    First of all, the “cowboys” are border patrol agents working on horseback. Or maybe you haven’t ever seen such mounted patrols in the past at large public gatherings?

    Second of all, the “blacks” are criminals attempting to cross our border illegally. They are not slaves, and they were not whipped. The so-called “whips” are the reins of the horse which the rider uses to keep the horse in check.

    You might want to put your glasses on and look closely at all the photos because you will not see one rein touching anybody. In the most publicized photo you see a loose rein flying in the air while a patrol agent is grasping a border crasher by his shirt. This is what was actually happening, not a “whipping.”

    Your “reporting” is factually incorrect, and given that it is flawed at its foundation anything you say following is also flawed.

    How could someone with your lack of intelligence rise to the position you are in? Your perception is grossly distorted, your observations are incorrect, and your reasoning is invalid. At the bottom line, your so-called “reporting” is a lie being used to perpetuate falsehoods that are tearing society apart.

    Just like Maxine Waters, you are spewing garbage.

    Both of you are a disgrace.

  4. What I saw was menacing behavior intended to corral the people. Many of the images clearly show aggressive riders some lunging towards people in what can appear mencing and aggressive when looking up.
    I have no doubt that in their effort to control the people from reaching the shoreline the riders were sometimes overly aggressive and not always controlling their reins.
    Pictures of plantation owners corralling slaves comes to mind. It was inhumane in my opinion. If out of control resigns hit some of the people in the process is not clear; it doesn’t negate the fact that some of the cowpunchers were over zealous and not in full control of their reins and where they landed. It was the right decision to discontinue their participation in the immigration patrol effort.

  5. The job of the border control is to secure our borders and make sure people don’t illegally enter. The Haitians know they are not to cross, but ignore the authorities and try anyway. Do you know who these Haitians are personally? Can you guarantee that there isn’t a single blood thirsty psycho, rapist, criminal or terrorist among them? What if one is and a loved one gets raped or murdered, who are you going to blame? What about the Africans living in conditions that make Haiti look like Honolulu, desperately waiting to enter legally and these people that have been in Mexico for years just get to cut to line and walk on in, how is that right? Half of the Central African Republic are under 14, many orphaned and being kidnapped and forced to fight each other as soldiers, where’s the public outcry, where’s Maxine Waters? Just see something on the news and all of a sudden pretend to care? Have you done anything to help since the earthquake in 2010 that killed 300,000 Haitians, the one last month that killed 2200, the decade in between they have struggling to rebuild and survive while you cry about little white girls wearing braids? Maybe you just want to pretend to be outraged for these people, since you don’t have to lift a finger and it’ll look good on Facebook? Why isn’t there 1000s of Americans protesting down at the border with how outraged everyone is? The only thing wrong with this picture is the media presenting a fake narrative of people getting whipped when they clearly weren’t, they aren’t even being hurt, anyone that’s been around horses can see clear as day they are just making sharp turns trying to stay between them and the border, it’s almost like they are doing their job. Without the horses, you can be sure rubber bullets and real violence is next to come if these immigrants keep steppin. We got enough issues going on with our own people needing help, by people I mean Americans, if you want to group up by the color of your skin that’s all you, I wasn’t raised to be a racist and no matter what I experience I won’t ever be one. Comparing this to slavery is a ridiculous comparison and disrespectful towards what slaves went through. It really shows how swept up some people are in this madness and leaves me feeling disgusted. Ripped from your homeland or bred to be a possession, calling someone master, forced into labor, beat into submission and only going where you’re told, when you’re told vs FREE persons who chose to travel here wanting to enter of their own FREE will and never will they refer to someone as master. Yea, sounds just like slavery, but what do I know, I was never a slave

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