Adam Martin
Adam Martin (campaign photo)
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An Oklahoma State University alumnus — the first in his immediate family to graduate from college — is running in District 1, which serves Tulsa, Wagoner County, and parts of Bartlesville. 

Candidate Adam Martin is focused on improvements. Most importantly, he wants to improve the health of our democracy, which is overrun with wealthy, White men making the rules and enforcing them. One of these men is Kevin Hern, the current Congressional representative for District 1, and one of the most financially secure members of congress, whose net worth is in the millions.

Mr. Martin, meanwhile, comes from more humble beginnings — a man who more accurately reflects the constituents he hopes to serve. He grew up in Wagoner County and was raised by his mother and grandmother. He worked two jobs in college, and spent time living in his car due to financial constraints, before graduating with a degree in history. 

adam martin
(campaign photo)

A progressive who wants to work with everyone

Adam Martin is a progressive, making him an outsider in Oklahoma politics. He supports a $15 per hour minimum wage, among other issues. “It’s time for real solutions,” he said at a campaign party at McNellies on Veterans’ Day, during which he opened by thanking vets. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Martin has the support of Oklahoma Democrats, which he will need in a tough fight against Mr. Hern, who has won the seat multiple times. “We deserve better,” said Mr. Martin. “We must do better.” 

Mr. Martin also rejects the partisan nature of our current political climate. He invited people from all parties to join him in the fight on behalf of working families, rural citizens, and marginalized communities. “I want to fight for you,” he said on Thursday evening, “and I want you to join me.” 

Fighting for democracy

That fight includes a push for Medicare for All, a progressive yet humanitarian issue that would give all people access to safe and affordable health care. He also wants to save rural hospitals, which have felt the brunt of Oklahoma’s underserved communities.

Additionally, he supports improvements to Oklahoma’s dismal education system, as well as the state’s infrastructure systems. “I want better for Oklahoma,” he said, encouraging the crowd to work with him on creating a more equitable state for all citizens. 

Mr. Martin took questions from the crowd, and promised to address the issues of Oklahoma voters, who face low wages, underemployment, and systemic racism. Mr. Martin ended with a promise to the crowd: “I will include everyone in the fight for democracy,” he said. 

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Erika Stone is a graduate student in the Master of Social Work program at the University of Oklahoma, and a graduate assistant at Schusterman Library. A Chess Memorial Scholar, she has a B.A. in Psychology...