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According to Ray J’s Manager David Weintraub, “He just felt like it was a good time to talk about business and technology and Black empowerment.”

What? How? When?

Has Ray J never heard of Black Girls Do STEM, Afrotech, or Black Enterprise? STEM Programs like Pathways to Science or African American Regional Educational Alliances are here and have been for some time.

According to People, Brandy’s brother was introduced to Trump by loyalist Pastor Darrell Scott.

“He is not saying he is going into politics … what he’s doing right now is he’s exploring options and creating relationships,” Ray J’s manager says.

He and lying-ass Trump are expected to meet again in the near future.

okc insurrectionist
Thousands of Trump supporters break into the U.S. Capitol building during the former president’s Stop the Steal Rally on January 6, 2021.
Thousands of Trump supporters break into the U.S. Capitol building during the former president’s Stop the Steal Rally on January 6, 2021.

Ray J’s one wish is too much.

We often use cliches for people who want to “change the system from within” or “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” when in reality the system itself churns along as it did before. It happens so often, one wonders if that was the plan all along.

After all, what was Omarosa’s impact while working with Pres. Trump? We remember her exit more than any of the “work” she accomplished at the White House.

What about Dr. Ben Carson? I mean why would Trump appoint a Black neurosurgeon to head Housing and Urban Development? Oh yeah, right.

Even Jerome Adams, Trump’s Surgeon General, tiptoed the Administration line, treating COVID-19 like a put-off chore.

Ray J said in part, “Our conversation was about job creation, encouraging small business development, and how information technology plays an important role in the future of our economy.” On its face, these are reasonable discussion points for an actual business tycoon, but not reverse King Midas.

With HBCUs being threatened at a record rate in the last two days, it would be nice if Ray J could ask the former President to make a call for peace at his next post-coup rally. Yet, somehow I don’t see that happening.

According to Weintruab,”… Ray feels that connecting with the right people could pave his way into diving into politics the next 10 years.”

While unsure exactly what path Brandy’s brother will take to enter the political arena, his next move won’t be his best move. Trump’s father discriminated against Black tenants. Donald himself encouraged violence against Black protestors and dances like a bloated robot.  There could not be more red flags.

Regarding technology, why would Ray J seek the advice of Trump, whose own social media site flamed out after he was permanently banned from Twitter?

Make it make sense Lord

How does Ray J think Trump will help Black empowerment? He’s only worked his entire life doing the literal opposite.

Perhaps Ray J knows something we all don’t, but what if he doesn’t? What if he knows the exact same thing we do? What if he’s willing to put that aside for political notoriety, attention, or personal gains?

If the goal is to utilize technology for the benefit of Black people, these infrastructures already exist and come with far less misogyny, sexual assault, and xenophobia. Respectfully, Get your brother Brandy.

Hailing from Charlotte North Carolina, born litterateur Ezekiel J. Walker earned a B.A. in Psychology at Winston Salem State University. Walker later published his first creative nonfiction book and has...

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  1. Doesn’t Ray J read? Trump brags about HIS one “Black” he had at his rallies. And had his last rapping flunky Mr. West ‘er Kardashian, run for President to try to split our vote and had him send his own personal staffer to intimidate that poor Georgia elections official that Trump focused so much hatred and threats of violence against her and her family. How far is this groveling J willing to stoop to kiss his master’s ring, is now the only question.

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