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The Missouri couple, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, made national headlines when they stood on their front porch in the summer of 2020 waving guns at unarmed BLM protestors who had entered their gated community. The peaceful protesters were en route to protest in front of the home of the former St. Louis Mayor.

On Tuesday, the Missouri Supreme Court indefinitely suspended the law licenses of the two attorneys and placed them on probation for a year.

Missouri’s chief disciplinary counsel, Alan D. Pratzel, asked the state’s Supreme Court to suspend the law licenses of Mark and Patricia McCloskey last year citing the couple’s guilty pleas to misdemeanors from the 2020 incident.

The probation terms require the McCloskeys, in written quarterly reports, to note any arrests, criminal charges, civil lawsuits, disputes with clients, investigations questioning their fitness to practice law and reports of additional disciplinary complaints.

If the probation terms are violated, their law licenses could be suspended indefinitely.

missouri couple
Mark and Patricia McCloskey point guns at protesters in front of their Central West End home on June 28, 2020. (Credit: Bill Greenblatt)

Gun-toting couple remains defiant even after license suspension

The court also ordered the Missouri couple to provide 100 hours of pro bono legal services during their terms of probation.

Mark McCloskey, who is running for U.S. Senate, said that he “disagrees with the (Missouri) Supreme Court that what we did on our front porch constituted a misdemeanor offense involving moral turpitude. I don’t think we acted in moral turpitude at all,” he told KCUR.

McCloskey noted he was inspired to run for office by disgraced twice-impeached former President Donald Trump, who still has a chokehold on today’s modern GOP.

Mark McCloskey pleaded guilty in June 2021 to misdemeanor fourth-degree assault and was ordered to pay a fine of $750. Patricia McCloskey pleaded guilty on the same date to misdemeanor harassment and was ordered to pay a fine of $2,000.

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson pardoned them both the following month.

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  1. There is nothing”disgraced” about Donald Trump. He exposed the corruption of the federal government and is now being completely exonerated by the Durham investigation. The people can see your dishonesty. Also the “peaceful” protesters broke a cast iron gate to get onto the private property and threaten residents with murder and rape. The McCloskeys are being persecuted for political reasons for defending their home from attack by rioters.

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