Russia could invade Ukraine soon, President Joe Biden warns

by Nate Morris
Russia could invade Ukraine soon, President Joe Biden warns
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President Joe Biden warns the West as concerns grow over the looming possible invasion by Russia on Ukraine.

In the last few days, tensions have escalated significantly amid multiple attacks along the border between the two nations. A car bombing in Donetsk, mortar attacks on humanitarian convoys and massive military drills have the West on high alert.

Now, that concern is escalating further as Russia-backed rebels evacuate to Russia.

The Kremlin continues to deny plans to attack the democratic nation of Ukraine. Top US national security experts, however, are warning otherwise.

President Biden, who has repeatedly warned about severe sanctions against Russia if it did attack, upped his rhetoric in today’s speech.

Biden told Americans that President Vladimir Putin’s attempts to “divide and distract” the West and American allies “are not working”.

Biden said the “overarching message among NATO allies is one of unity, determination and resolve”.

President Joe Biden ‘convinced’ Russia is set to invade Ukraine

“We have every reason to believe Russian forces plan to attack Ukraine in the coming days,” Biden says. “We believe they will try to seize the city of Kiev, a city of 2.9 million innocent people”.

“Russian forces have Ukraine surrounded,” Biden said.

The President made clear he will support Ukraine, including billions of dollars in aid and military support. However, Biden made clear that he “will not” send American troops to Ukraine.

Biden continued to urge Putin to choose diplomacy, saying Russia will “face steep consequences” if they choose war instead.

Until now, White House officials noted they did not believe that Russia had made a decision about whether or not to invade. Today, however, when asked if Putin has made up his mind to invade Ukraine, President Biden said “I believe he has”.

“You are convinced President Putin is going to invade Ukraine?” the reporter followed up.

“Yes,” President Joe Biden affirmed.

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