Does Heir Holiness Have Daniel Kaluuya in a Sunken Place?
Daniel Kaluuya fired his publicist and left the agency that helped secure his role in "Get Out" after a woman who calls herself "Heir Holiness" entered his life.
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It appears that actor Daniel Kaluuya may be in a real life sunken place–the same one that trapped the character he played in his breakout role for “Get Out”.

Since then, Kaluuya has starred in a number of high profile films such as “Black Panther”, “Queen and Slim” and Jordan Peele’s new and highly anticipated, “Nope”. He’s won several awards, including an Oscar for best supporting actor in my favorite, “Judas and the Black Messiah.”  All in all, he appears to be reppin’ Black British Hollywood very well.

However, people close to Kaluuya have become really concerned about his well-being–specifically his mental health–given recent, questionable business decisions he’s made at the behest of a woman who goes by the name Heir Holiness.

Heir Holiness, whose real name is Vanylla Salimah Mahmoud, describes herself as “a spiritual gangster serving a life sentence in a human body”. She’s a self-proclaimed life strategist, and her official title on a recently deleted LinkedIn page was “Head Mistress” for “The International Alma Mater, Blessed University.” The web link for The International Alma Mater is also inactive.

While Heir Holiness certainly has a sketchy resume and nonexistent references, what’s more suspect is the moves Daniel’s made since she’s been around.

Is Daniel Kaluuya okay?

It’s unknown as to whether the two are romantically involved, but sources report that since Holiness has been around, Kaluuya has given the boot to his agents from the famed CAA agency and longtime publicist. It’s believed that these decisions were made under the life strategist’s influence and would appear to be true since she’s supposedly gained a position as his personal manager. It’s also suspected that she played a part in Daniel’s separation from the last woman he was dating.

Heir Holiness has also been on the set of a few of Kaluuya’s movies, including “Nope”. Others on the set said not only was her presence an unwelcome distraction, but production crew members were also afraid of her. Allegedly, there’d been multiple blow-ups during the filming.

Ultimately, Daniel Kaluuya has not released a statement or comment on his relationship or dealings with Heir Holiness. Yet, from the sound of things, we may need to keep the brother in prayer. As Childish Gambino said in the lyrics to the lead song Redbone on the “Get Out” soundtrack: “Stay woke”!

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