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Colin Kaepernick, the most polarizing sports figure of our lifetime, played his last NFL game in 2016. Since then, he’s worked to shed light on the many injustices faced by Black and Brown communities while never giving up hope of a potential gridiron return.

In a Thursday Twitter post, the former 49ers QB was filmed during a workout session and looked good doing it. Kaep’s caption was simple: “Still Working.”

NFL teams come up with every reason not to sign Kaep.

In 2019, Kaepernick participated in a botched workout for a few NFL teams where his arm talent, scrambling ability, and accuracy were reminiscent of his stellar playing days. However, to little surprise, no team would pick him up for a tryout.

While it’s clear Colin Kaepernick has been white-balled out of the NFL for standing -or kneeling – on what he believes, his chances of an NFL return are only exacerbated by a settled 2019 lawsuit against the league which resulted in a disclosed payout to the former QB.

The NFL wants to make an example of Colin Kaepernick.

Last month, J. Cole offered his support for his longtime friend, advocating for the advocate to return to the game he loves so dear. GOAT director Spike Lee has also signed on to create a documentary on Kaep’s life as only he can.

Diehard fans of Kaep have been by his side throughout his league banishment and have held out hope for a possible return of #7. Yet, America at large, specifically NFL owners and teams, are unlikely to see Colin Kaepernick as anything more than an afro with an opinion.

America’s violent and conniving history illustrates just how much the mainstream hates a Black Messiah. Whether Marcus Garvey, Muhammad Ali, Fred Hampton, Malcolm X, or Colin Kaepernick.

Yet, regardless of the endless attacks on Kaepernick’s character, he deserves an opportunity to prove himself worthy again. As a Quarterback who once led his team seconds away from a Super Bowl victory, he’s proven more valuable than half the putrid QBs playing on team rosters today.

Though the NFL is far and away unlike most businesses in America, they represent conservative corporate interests. If they continue to have their way, Colin Kaepernick may never play another game in the NFL.

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  1. this is just racist crap and excuse making .. white balled? get a grip on reality .. if he can’t play even in the race hate filled mess of the nfl .. there’s a good reason for it .. the nfl was gangsta poisoned before CK .. I haven’t watched since the kneeling began and I don’t miss it .. the shame is what the racists have done to the beautiful game of football

  2. At least one commenter to this story is absolutely offbeat as I have indicated! Good story, Ezekiel! I adore Kaepernick for his heroism; and I wish him the best always.

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