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Marjorie Taylor Greene is receiving fierce backlash for remarks blaming both the US and Ukraine for Russia’s unprovoked invasion, which has the potential to lead to a worldwide conflict. In prepared remarks, Greene says the invasion is the result of “peace agreements that have been routinely violated by both sides”.

Greene claimed the Zelenskyy government “only exists because the Obama state department helped to overthrow the previous regime”.  She went on to promote baseless claims that Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Mitt Romney have financial interests in Ukraine.

These claims are not only demonstrably false, they are direct talking points from Russian propaganda pushed by Vladimir Putin.

Greene’s latest remarks show a pattern of being a Putin sympathizer

Greene’s remarks come amid a rash of other evidence indicating the conspiracy-theorist-turned-Congresswoman has become an apologist for the Russian leader.

After walking out on stage at a white supremacist rally where the crowd was chanting Putin’s name, Greene condemned the attack on Ukraine. Fast forward two weeks, and the Georgia representative was one of 69 House members to vote against sending Ukraine aid.

A few days later, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy gave an historic address before the US Congress. In a video of the event, as every member of Congress stands to their feet in stirring applause, Greene reluctantly rises to give a tepid clap.

And just today, Greene was one of only eight members of Congress to vote against severing normal trade ties with Russia.

The criticism of Greene’s most recent lies in her video blaming Ukraine and the US are swift and bi-partisan.

In a Tweet on Thursday morning, Republican Liz Cheney (R-WY) called Greene an “idiot”.

“Putin is targeting and slaughtering civilians in a brutal unprovoked war against Ukraine, a sovereign democratic nation,” Cheney tweeted. “Only the Kremlin and their useful idiots would call that “a conflict in which peace agreements have been violated by both sides.”

Republican leader won’t address the growing embrace of Putin by Greene, others

House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), has thus far refused to condemn Greene’s words or actions. The top Republican who would become speaker if Democrats lose the midterms, is facing criticism of his own.

McCarthy voted last week for the Ukraine aid package put forth by President Biden. Days later, he slammed Biden for not sending enough aid to Ukraine.

Then, in an interview on Fox News, McCarthy complained that the President “won’t stand up for Putin“.

At a bizarre press conference Thursday afternoon in support of domestic terrorists who attacked the US Capitol on January 6th, Greene left before she could take questions from the media.

The rapid turn of new Republican Party members from hawks to Russian sympathizers has left longtime GOP allies stunned. It remains unclear how American voters will react when midterm elections arrive in less than eight months.

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4 replies on “Marjorie Taylor Greene blames Ukraine and U.S. for Russian invasion”

  1. It is true that the coup in 2014 was directly supported by the U.S. and the CIA has been training and arming neo-nazis in Ukraine since. This is not a conspiracy theory and it’s not Russian disinformation, though notice how US talking points are parroted uncritically as “the truth” and anything that opposes (even when a matter of open record) is smeared. It’s WMDs in Iraq all over again. Makes me sick to see Black Wall Street Times supporting the CIA and NATO which has killed millions of Black and Brown people around the world.

  2. I am justly categorized as a political right-winger and have been for decades, yet it’s clear to me that Vladimir Putin is under concerted attack by America’s left-wing-controlled media because he’s not onboard with the New World Order of homosexualizing every last square inch of the planet under the gay banner of GloboHomo. Furthermore, the US media has zero credibility in 2022, after the revelation that they have systematically lied about so many things – from Trump’s “Russian collusion” all the way up to claiming that “Hunter Biden’s incriminating laptop never existed” – all with the express intent of deflecting anyone or anything that threatens their political power.

    As the commenter “DEB” pointed out (above) the US worked behind the scenes to overthrow Ukraine (just as they have in so many other places) so, just as with the US media, the CIA is nothing more than a sinister tool of America’s thoroughly corrupt government. Our government indeed lied about “WMDs” in Iraq and ended up butchering over one million Iraqis as result. We claim now that Ukraine is “sovereign” but yet had no problem shattering the sovereignty of Iraq with a brutal and sustained “shock & awe” bombardment of their country’s cities and people. In short, the US government kills whoever they damn well please whenever they damn well please but when Russia is threatened with having NATO nukes shoved up against their border then they are suddenly “maniacal monsters”. In the end, the US government and their propaganda tool the US media is one Big Lie that so many of us now permanently despise. As such, America’s new motto should be: “Do As I Say, Not As I Do”.

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