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Gabrielle Reyes a.k.a. One Great Vegan is an award-winning singer, actress, chef, author, and host of The Colorful Home Cooking Show. With an active TikTok following nearly toppling 200K followers, her skills have recently garnered attention not only on social media but for a worldwide television audience as well.

On Wednesday, March 30, Gabrielle quickly whipped up a vegan Caribbean crunch wrap on Good Morning America in 30 seconds that will leave you hungry and inspired to try the meal yourself.

Gabrielle Reyes’s vegan eats are amazing!

Over the last 10 years of being a tried and true vegan, Gabrielle Reyes has gathered the best tips and recipes to make the most out of what Mother Nature has and served bomb meals from her own kitchen to places once unimagined, like Access Hollywood with Mario Lopez.

For a sneak peek into a few of the dishes she’s cooked up, check out her dope blog’s Melodic Meals, which offers behind-the-scenes pictures, recipes, and useful tips into making a vegan meal from scratch.

According to her website, Reyes says since 2011 she’s fallen in love with “all things vegan, vegetarian, plant-based, gluten-free, and all-natural… Before I went vegan I was weighed down by pressure to count calories, restrict myself from food for multiple days, and constantly judge and belittle myself for not being as skinny or petite as my peers.”

Vegan food heals the body today for tomorrow.

For many years Black people have been disproportionately impacted by diabetes, heart congestion, and heart disease. Along with other factors including obesity, high stress, weight gain are not only the effects of a routinely poor diet.

A shift in how we eat, along with exercise, can also extend the number of years we’re allowed on earth.  Meals made by Gabrielle Reyes, a.k.a., One Great Vegan offer foodies and Vegan skeptics a chance to try something different and experience food possibilities beyond the predictable. Instead of googling “vegan food near me,” Reyes offers you the ability to whip up some vegan cooking on your own.

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