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Former attorney, Mark Myles, announced he is entering the race for Oklahoma County District Attorney Tuesday.

Myles is the second Democrat to enter the race after Vicki Behenna announced her candidacy last month. Behenna is a former federal prosecutor who helped get the death penalty for Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh.

“I do not come from special interests, and I’m a trained economist who knows how business works and how government is supposed to work,” Myles, 65, said in his announcement.

The candidates are all running to fill the soon-to-be empty position after the current District Attorney, David Prater, retires in November.

Myles is not new to running for public office in Oklahoma. In 2018, he ran unsuccessfully for Attorney General and in 2010 for U.S. Senate.

Mark Myles wants to distribute justice as Oklahoma County District Attorney

In his announcement, Myles promised to be tough on crime while also helping eliminate Oklahoma’s massive incarceration rate.

“Evil, criminal people who hurt others should go to jail, but every dollar spent on housing too many nonviolent offenders with no criminal history — who pose no threat to public safety — is a dollar that could be spent to pay a teacher or provide updated textbooks for our children, our most precious resource,” Myles said.

On the Republican side of the race are: Kevin Calvey, an Oklahoma County commissioner; Gayland Gieger, an Oklahoma County assistant district attorney; Jacqui Ford, a defense attorney; and Robert W. Gray, a defense attorney.

“I look forward to collaborating with lawmakers to advocate for policy changes to achieve results that benefit us all,” said Myles.

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