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In the latest scene of a seemingly never-ending Netflix drama series, DaBaby once again finds himself in the thick of it.

The latest news about the hip hop rock star had the internet goin’ nuts last week after Rolling Stone published an exclusive video that appears to show DaBaby shooting and killing a 19-year-old during a dispute outside a Huntersville NC Walmart in 2018.

The rapper, whose real name is Jonathan Kirk, has long maintained that it was self-defense, and the D.A.’s office did not charge him in the killing.

It’s always something.

While details of the case are under new national scrutiny, the patterns of behavior exhibited by DaBaby since his arrival to global consciousness have been at times misunderstood, other times incredulous, and often seemingly indefensible.

This incident is one of many that highlight the gifted and charismatic rapper’s self-destructive tendencies in an industry that has already “canceled him” once before for his hateful, ill-informed remarks against the LQBTQ community.

A history of violence.

In January 2020, he was arrested for allegedly robbing and assaulting a concert promoter over a payment dispute. That March, he was seen on video slapping a woman for attempting to film him at a nightclub. Later that year, he was arrested for allegedly punching a Miami club promoter in the face.

In February 2022, he was caught at a Los Angeles bowling alley throwing hands at the brother of his former girlfriend and musician, DaniLeigh.

Most recently, DaBaby was involved in a non-fatal shooting on April 13 outside his home in Troutman in Iredell County.

DaBaby leaves his feelings in the music.

While his string of encounters has left him scar-free on the outside, most artists divulge their innermost truths in their music. In DaBaby’s 2019 album KIRK, he dedicates it to the memories of his recently lost family members and details how those losses have had a ground-shifting impact on his life just as he reached stardom.

Last month DaBaby dropped a collaborative album “Better Than You” where he continued to discuss his ongoing absence felt and dejection in select songs.

DaBaby’s actions are his own, and regardless of the trauma that comes with family loss, no one is accountable for what he’s said or done but himself. However, understanding the man behind the persona would benefit not only his fans and critics but DaBaby too.

The story of hip hop can’t be told without names like Tupac Shakur or Biggie Smalls. And while they are giant pillars of the genre and culture, their careers and more importantly their lives were cut short as victims of gun violence.

Young Dolph, King Von, Doe B, Nipsey Hussle, Pop Smoke, Bankroll Fresh, and so many other rap artists have been killed while ascending the charts. While DaBaby continues to be involved in seemingly endless highly volatile situations, his hip-hop predecessors would love to have one more chance.

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  1. Y’all wonder why black culture is broken when y’all go and keep buying shit from violent criminals like this idiot and propping him up? Lock him up and toss the key. Then you can hear his new singles about getting stretched out behind bars.

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