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Deidre DeJear made history on Tuesday when she officially became the Democratic nominee for Iowa Governor. DeJear, a small business owner and nonprofit leader, is the first Black nominee for the office from a major party.

In a statement on Twitter after the results became official, DeJear said “Iowa, you have made your voice heard loud and clear tonight and you have made history.”

“I am so proud to be your Democratic Nominee for Governor,” she continued, “but I don’t do this alone. I’m in this with each and every one of you, and I hope you’ll join me.”

Dejear is looking to unseat incumbent Republican Governor Kim Reynolds. Reynolds, whose response to the State of the Union in February received mixed reviews, is running for a second term.

DeJear prepares to take on tough fight to win Iowa governor’s race

The Democratic nominee faces a significant uphill battle in her efforts to become the first Black female governor in US History. While DeJear’s fundraising has improved significantly in the first quarter of 2022, it still falls short of Reynolds’. Regardless, DeJear is in striking distance according to the most recent polls.

No Democrat has won the Governorship since 2006 and current polling shows DeJear within single digits of Reynolds.

DeJear is running on a platform of strengthening economic development, building a world-class education system and enhancing the reach of broadband in the state.

She also wants to expand access to affordable healthcare to all Iowans and focus on supporting growth in rural communities.

“I am of the belief that if anyone expects to lead this state,” DeJear said in her announcement speech last year, “the priority must be put on Iowans.”

“Leadership has to lead with the peoples’ interest first,” she continued.

Iowa has built fields of opportunity. We aren’t done building. We’ve got work to do, because Iowa is worth the work.”

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