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James A. Samuel, Jr., a father of two, and a fighter pilot turned tech innovator has developed a cloud-based app called ANJEL Tech that enables students to alert their parents faster in the event of school shootings.

According to the company, during an emergency, the app discreetly turns any smartphone into a personal body cam that sends out automatic notifications to their loved ones with live video streaming, audio, and the child’s exact GPS location.

Throughout history, Black inventors have had to craft their own ideas in order to remain safe when the authorities failed to do so. Today the same remains true.

When schools become war zones, kids need evacuation plans.

Sky News reports since the Uvalde shooting, over 700 people have been gunned down in America. To be exact, more than 650 incidents have resulted in 730 deaths since May 24, according to data from the Gun Violence Archive. Twenty-three of those who died were children, more than the total number who died in Uvalde, and 66 were teenagers.

James says that he came up with the idea to create the app to keep his own children safer in America, given the increasing threats they face in society. Now, however, he wants all children to benefit from it as well.

Here’s how it works in the event of a school shooting:

With a push of a button, the discreet application allows users (students, etc.) to live stream any incident and provide real-time video and audio footage to their loved ones.

The app also sends 3 different notifications (text, email, and in-app notifications) to their loved ones alerting them to the video feed.

It also sends location updates every 10 seconds to their loved ones viewing their live stream, so they know precisely where their child/student is located and/or moving.

As the parents view the live stream, they are also provided personalized directions to help them navigate to their children, and ANJEL Tech securely stores this audio, video, and location information in the cloud for future use and/or downloading.

As Congress fails to act, parents create their own solutions. You can download the app from any app store or visit the official website at

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  1. What a wonderful idea. I think it would also help those adults who serve as primary care taker for parents. The parent could use this to alert their adult children in an emergency at home. Kudos to Anjel creator. I love your publication????????????????

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