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Recently, surveillance video of an altercation and stabbing at a NYC bodega has gone viral and sparked debates on the internet.

Store clerk Jose Alba is being charged with second-degree murder for fatally stabbing Austin Simon during an altercation between the two. The incident took place at Alba’s work, the Blue Moon Convenience Store in Hamilton Heights, on July 1.

According to investigators, the brawl started after Simon’s girlfriend attempted to purchase a bag of chips for her child and her card was declined. After some arguing, the woman went outside to get her boyfriend, Simon, telling him that Alba pulled the bag of chips out of her child’s hand. 

Simon would then go behind the counter and start arguing with Alba. While the video does not have sound, Simon can be seen pushing Alba to the corner where he then lands into a chair. Simon continues to yell in the face of Alba until he turns to his left and argues with an unknown customer.

Video shows bodega stabbing

Shortly after, Alba gets up from his chair and heads to the opposing corner in the bottom left half of the video. As Alba approaches the corner, Simon puts his hand on the back of Alba’s neck. Alba reaches out to the corner and then quickly turns around to stab Simon in the gut and neck multiple times.

Simon and Alba wrestle with each other and the two go out of frame of the camera. In the background customers are seen fleeing from the store, very little besides body parts and the colors of the mens’ shirts can be seen.

After some time, Alba can be seen stepping back in frame of the camera alone with blood on his knife, arm and hand. He stands there, looking at the cuts and wounds on his limbs when the video ends.

NYC police were called for an assault in progress and found Simon bleeding from his stab wounds. Simon later died at the hospital. 

Simon’s girlfriend allegedly also pulled a knife from her purse and stabbed Alba three times in the shoulder and hand, according to his attorney. She has not been charged, with the DA’s Office saying  “we are continuing to review the evidence and the investigation is ongoing.”

NYC Mayor supports Alba in stabbing, says it looked like self-defense

Alba’s family and many others are in support of Alba saying he was only acting in self-defense. “What I saw on the video was a New Yorker that was doing his job, and that disruption of the job happened because someone was aggressive,” Mayor of New York City Eric Adams said.

Alba was arrested and sent to Rikers Island on an original bail of $250,000. This was half of what prosecutors with Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office had requested, claiming the worker was a flight risk because of a planned trip to the Dominican Republic.

During a hearing on July 7, 2022, Alba was released on a lower negotiated bail of $50,000. As part of his release agreement, Alba is also barred from leaving New York City, had to surrender his passport, and must wear an ankle monitor.

Alba is due back in court on July 20 when NYC prosecutors will present the case to a grand jury. Alba could be sentenced to up to 25 years in prison if convicted on the murder charge, according to the New York Post

Kesean Cleveland is an an intern at The Black Wall Street Times. He is a student at Langston University and was born and raised in Oklahoma City. Some of his favorite things include video games, his dog...

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  1. Wow, what a sad situation. It does look like self-defense, but there was no need for someone to die over something so small. Now that child will grow up without a father over a bag of chips.

    1. That’s cause you’re not in the situation he is an elderly man has all the right in the world to defend them self

  2. Wow, just wow. I thought the verdict on this case was bad, but the certain things in this article are phrased is even worse. For example, “ Simon can be seen pushing Alba to the corner where he then lands into a chair.” No, alba doesn’t land in the chair, he falls on to the chair. In fact he prolly hit his head on the shelf while he falls on to the chair. you can see the force with which he was pushed by just how shaken he is and how the shelves move in the back. He certainly does not land into the chair. Secondly, did we watch the same camera footage??? “ Shortly after, Alba gets up from his chair and heads to the opposing corner in the bottom left half of the video. As Alba approaches the corner, Simon puts his hand on the back of Alba’s neck. Alba reaches out to the corner and then quickly turns around to stab Simon in the gut and neck multiple times.” This makes it sound like Alba willingly got up from his chair to go towards the knife. Nooooo. You can clearly see in the video that Simon is being very aggressive to this shaken up guy. The way he is moving his right hand, it looks like he prolly touching or hitting him when Simon has his back facing the Camera. When Alba tries to get up, you can clearly see that Simon has his hand holding the back of albas neck and is pushing him to the other side of the room. you can clearly tell that alba is panicking. Saying Simon has his hand on the back of Albas neck instead oh saying that Simon is frying to handle Alba by grabbing the back of his neck mitigates the aggressiveness of that act. You do not grab the back of anyone’s neck. It is one of the most vulnerable areas of humans and always leads to a fight or flight response. Being as scared, rattled, and man handled as Alba was. I don’t know how the author can describe the situation the way that he did. When everything is clearly visible in the video posted above. The writer is either grossly unqualified to write articles online or is trying to steer the narrative.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking at the same exact parts you mentioned. No surprise here judging by who wrote it.

  3. Self defense LMFAO….. that man didn’t have a weapon and the worker life wasn’t at Threat, U can’t just murder a person just because they push u!!! HE IS GOING TO PRISON

    1. As fast as the man died by the knife the same could of happened to Alba. Anyone who thinks otherwise is foolish. I am also Mexican and I have lived in poor areas all my life. If you haven’t been there shut the hell up. People get stabbed shot killed everyday. You need to stop blaming the victims because of your ideology.

      1. Absolutely right Jesus. Everyone is so sick of that ideology. Clearly its not about racial equality to people with that ideology. They want to stomp all over everyone elses rights and do whatever they want even when they know what its like to have it done to them!

    2. You the kind of person who ends up like Simons, dead as you should, if you were a violent criminal. You fucking dumbass

  4. Wow he died over a bag of chips and it’s his girl fault for how she dealt with the situation . He was trying to defend the honor of his family and the old man was defending his life . It’s a messed up situation all around , the lesson here is pick ur partner wisely , turned him into an attack dog over a her declines card, now 1 life is over ,3 lives are forever disrupted and 3 families are forever broken . None of those men deserved what happened , the boyfriend shouldn’t have died and the old man shouldn’t have gotten assaulted not over a bag of chips not for for doing his job . We gotta do better as people????

    1. she turned him into nothing. It was his own choice to act the fool. He got what he deserved. The world is a better place without him

  5. Maybe we should just ban potato chips?? They clearly caused this man’s death! Too many chips in this country!

  6. Don’t start none, won’t be none. Typical entitled guy thinking the world owes him something because a potential relative he never knew may or may not been part of the world slave trade. When we are born we have nothing coming, our destiny is in our hands..

  7. Bunch of bs in these comments. You can’t be an asshole and not be expected to get your ass kicked, end of story. Instigating a fight isn’t self-defense. You can’t treat customers this way no matter what color they are. Could have been ended with an apology instead of a murder and you people are defending this piece of crap. It isn’t self-defense, that is turd-defense. I have seen thousands of fights in bars and clubs and nobody “Feared for their lives”. They feared an ass beating, but only a racist chode would do something like kill another person over it. Clear case of manslaughter for Alba and his girlfriend for inciting violence. The bodega should be responsible too for funeral expenses and care of his family because he was their employee on the clock at their business.

    1. What did he do that was so bad? Took his merchandise back when her card declined from **gasp** her precious child? You know, the one who had to see his father die over some chips because of her stupid ass? Youre a fucking idiot.

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