Throwing away trash in style, Balenciaga Trash Pouch bagged it!
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When you think of high fashion, we know one brand most definitely comes to mind, Balenciaga. Balenciaga is good for selling high-dollar items with a twist. Think about the coffee cup, torn-up shoes, and now the Balenciaga trash pouch! It’s no telling how far fetch this brand will go. 

If throwing away trash in style was a picture, Balenciaga bagged it! Balenciaga just released a new trash pouch helping customers take out the trash in style. 

You can find this “Trash Pouch” in their winter ‘22 collection in stores for $1,790. This drawstring garbage bag sack comes in three colors; black, white, and blue.

Twitter reactions to the Balenciaga Trash Pouch

The Twitter community had a variety of opinions about this drawstring trash pouch. They had mixed emotions about how trendy and stylish the new trash pouch was; they also thought it was ridiculous to buy a trash bag just because it had “Balenciaga” on the bag. Twitter said the new trash pouch was a “human experiment.”

Trash Pouch Design 

The three variations of colors come in white, black, and blue. The black and blue bags come with a black string while the white comes with a red one. A garbage bag inspires this product. 

Designer Demna Gvasalia spoke about the daily trash pouch to Women’s wear: “I couldn’t miss an opportunity to make the most expensive trash bag in the world because who doesn’t love a fashion scandal?”

Thoughts on the Trash Pouch 

Despite this trash pouch’s hate, Gvasalia was right about people loving a good fashion scandal. Users have also expressed their love for the Balenciaga trash pouch, and some have even joked and asked fans to send them money so they can add a trash pouch to their collection. 

The big question is, what do you think Balenciaga has up its sleeve next? What controversial item do you think they will go through a high dollar amount on next?