Many Oklahomans Excuse Cale Gundy For Reading Racial Slur
Oklahoma offensive coach Cale Gundy speaks during an NCAA college football media day, Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2022, in Norman, Okla. Gundy announced his resignation Sunday, Aug. 7, after using offensive language during a film session the week prior. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)
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On Sunday, Oklahoma Sooners Wide Receivers coach Cale Gundy, announced he would be resigning after “uttering a word” that he admitted he never should have said.

“One particular word that I should never, under any circumstance, have uttered was displayed on that screen. In the moment, I did not even realize what I was reading and, as soon as I did, I was horrified,” Gundy’s resignation statement said.

As soon as news broke, many Sooner fans began taking to social media defending the coach and saying his resignation was wrong.

Gundy confirmed in his statement that he “takes responsibility for [his] mistake,” however many saw this resignation as consequences from a “woke” university and “woke” culture.

The Black Wall Street Times has confirmed through a current player on the team that Gundy did say the n-word, multiple times.

In a statement from head coach Brent Venables, Venables said “Gundy resigned from the program because he knows what he did was wrong. He chose to read aloud to his players, not once but multiple times, a racially charged word.” 

Still, even after the revelation from Venables that Cale Gundy said the n-word multiple times, a petition urging the University to rehire Gundy has received over 7,800 signatures at the time of publication.

Venables said the football team and university plan to “move forward positively” after “Coach Gundy did the right thing in resigning,” and there is no indication that the university intends to rehire him.

Cale Gundy resignation highlights racism in Oklahoma sports

Gundy’s use of a racial slur is not the first time racism has been questioned in Oklahoma sports.

Last March, during the girls’ state basketball tournament, an announcer was picked up on a hot mic calling Norman High’s girls’ basketball team “f***ing n***ers” for their kneeling during the national anthem.

The clip quickly went viral and the call for Matt Rowan to lose his job grew.

In a press release, Rowan blamed low-blood sugar as a factor in his racist verbal attack.

“I will state that I suffer Type 1 Diabetes and during the game my sugar was spiking,” Rowan said in a statement. “While not excusing my remarks, it is not unusual when my sugar spikes that I become disoriented and often say things that are not appropriate as well as hurtful. I do not believe that I would have made such horrible statements absent my sugar spiking.”

Rowan was bold enough to even tell an Oklahoma City television reporter that the n-word is part of his vocabulary. He claimed that he’s “working to remove it.”

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